All the Good Days in God: Eden Remains

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eden Remains

Over many hundreds of years religions attempted to answer unanswerable questions of God's plan and after-life. Theories of humanity's future include: going to another planet, going to heaven and reincarnating on Earth in our old bodies after Judgment Day. My thoughts lean towards reincarnating on Earth, yet explosive tales of Judgment Day seem out-of-place.

It is difficult to imagine people being rewarded for wanting to leave Earth while others suffer. The idea of Earth as a spawning ground and going to another destination is also awkward. Genesis determines the goal of Earth is to create a paradise and humanity is an essential part of success. Earth is Eden. Humanity was formed from the Earth and will remain on Earth forever. Humanity must learn to be wise and care for everyone adequately; therefore, mortality is achieved when God is satisfied with everyone's development.

In Genesis God took the tree of eternal life away from Adam and Eve after they ate from the tree of wisdom. Eventually Adam and Eve died. They learned what they could after experimenting with corruption.

God is an awesome power and we are meant to be in the likeness of God. God created the world, sent lava from the sky, and divided the sea. People are fragile, alone in their mind and grew old. Perhaps the greater scheme of the life cycle is to learn how to be better before regaining immortality and godlike ability. As fragile entities we are harmless when learning wisdom through experience.

Many old stories speak of wizards shooting fire balls from their hands. Yet if they were to use this ability against God or harm people unnecessarily their power is taken away. Since God gives people power, he may suppress them. Think about if you had the ability to read minds or move objects without touching them. What would you do? Would you understand everyone has a bad day or extort people out of their money? Would you build glorious buildings or crush anyone who has a different viewpoint?

If we are not meant to be fragile, it would make sense to earn responsibility. This does not mean we surpass God. God is an infinite being with billions of years of knowledge before humanity was created. However, in order to be trusted we should not seek to destroy each other or the planet. Instead, we should learn to use the Word of God to enrich our lives and make our home planet flourish. Therefore, when we earn immortality it will be a day of great joy not destruction.

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