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Who is God? This site looks at God through religious and popular opinions about spirituality with a focus on Biblical Holy Scripture. Not limited by Judaism or Christianity, a broader interpretation is found across many religions. Reviewing various religions often solidifies the principles of Torah (first five books of the Old Testament), also known as, "Laws."

Truly believing God is real and we are not alone in the universe, science became an excellent way to prove the intent of the bible. Beyond acknowledging a superior being who enforces blessings and curses, it appears the bible is a gift from higher intelligence of which we may achieve greater level of social and physical health.

Scientist are know proving eating two servings of fruit helps a person avoid or contain diseases, such as: loss of sight and diabetes. The bible states in Genesis 1:29, "God said, 'See I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth.'" Blueberries, a seed-bearing plant, are an excellent dietary necessity in preventative health. In Genesis 1:30 the bible states, "And to all the animals on land, to all the birds of the sky, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is the breath of life, I give all the green (leafy) plants for food." How long will it be before scientists find spinach, cabbage and lettuce balance animal diets?

Another fascinating argument beyond proving God is various religions refer to a Creator God who leads all other entities in relation to humanity. Jews acknowledge Yahweh, Christians acknowledge God. Muslims acknowledge Allah. Egyptians acknowledge Amen-Ra. Hindus acknowledge Rama. Scandinavians acknowledge Odin. Druids acknowledge Danna. Native Americans acknowledge Great Spirit. Satanists acknowledge Devil. Buddhists acknowledge Heavens. Shinto and Taoists acknowledge Izanagi. Assyrians acknowledge El or Aeneus. Ancient Greeks acknowledge Zeus. Ancient Romans acknowledge Saturn. Virtually every religion on Earth recognizes this similar entity in their religion. Perhaps they shared stories and fable during early years of development, or God is a real entity and at one time we were able to see God and other entities clearly.

All people, since the defining of time, were able to observe God's work on the earth. There are many viewpoints on how everything functions, yet anything observable functions as it has before; therefore, many various people contributed to finding greater truth. I believe the Torah is the key to unlocking or correctly interpreting available information.

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