All the Good Days in God: Nihilism After-Life

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nihilism After-Life

As a long time atheist, as a child I was resistant to believe in God. Nihilism made sense. Nihilism is a logical belief system. It isn't tied down to stories. Religions try to answer questions when they do not know answers until contradictions became infinite.

Now I believe in God. Therefore, learned many of the statements towards paranormal and after-life might be true. No longer a Nihilist Atheist, I have studied God based religions. Everything manages to fall short of my belief system, Nihilism.

People should know Nihilism states; "Everything is nothing." We live our lives; have goals; things happen; there are reactions, and resolutions. Philosophies and progress build over generations. One day, everything amounts to nothing. Despite running around doing all these things, one day we die. What was done will be forgotten, as though it never happened. This does not stimulate lawlessness, unethical behavior or laziness. Everything is what it is and nothing more.

Philosophies and religions build until creating contradictions. One right answer does not work in all situations. People misuse beliefs to manipulate and gain power. John the Baptist prophecy was fulfilled a long time ago. People still agonize over Judgment Day. Deuteronomy 23 claims "bastards" cannot join a congregation, a possible way of blocking children born out-of-wedlock from taking power in an organization.

What does dying mean? Does it mean anything at all? People are afraid of Heaven and Hell. Hell in itself is a contradiction. There is no mercy or second chances, yet God is a merciful God. People should fear the consequences of actions, yet impossible redemption is contrary to God's character.

Perhaps people who learn how to care for themselves in a way that is not harmful go to Heaven. They are competent, nice people live without fear, because they are surrounded by competent nice people. People living in a harmful mannerism do not respect freewill are live together forever tearing at each other. Immortal status to kill and be killed continues without learning anything. Even when making epiphanies they are condemned? Where is the mercy?

Why is sitting on clouds fun? I chose to believe we are enabled to travel through the universe and learn. There may even be systems of debt and gain to encourage work. The bible states people were created as farmers to manage the earth. Human kind may not have the ability to leave earth. Instead, it is our position to tend to the earth and make it a paradise. If earth is paradise then living here should be fun.

Assuming God exists; angels and demons should have a rehab. Angels and demons have been around much longer than people. Therefore, treatment should be advance and systematic. Perhaps some are a danger to themselves or others so they are locked away in a type of suspension, yet people benefit from advance knowledge. Now God is merciful. Even if all hurtful people were thrown in a pit together they redeem themselves to be removed from the pit and live in happy.

In my viewpoint of the after-life nothing has changed. Life and universe were formed. God predates humanity and created the world in an attempt to avoid boredom. This filled his days with activities. There was no critical intent on creating mankind. It happened. Systems and structures were developed as a coping mechanism. The after-life is a continuation of this life. The scenery might be different.

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