All the Good Days in God: Identifying Satan

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Identifying Satan

Interpreting prophecy has a few key points. Prophecy is not fortunetelling. An individual is selected to be a messenger of God. Events are related to the race or nation of selected individuals; therefore, a true prophecy is written in the language of the chosen race. Prophecy contains forewarnings to reduce impact of upcoming events.

The Book of Daniel contains prophecy. It is easier to see how events unfolded after they happen. Daniel 2:32 in the Holy Bible describes a statue with a golden head. The body is divided into different metals. This statue represents Babylon. Babylon united the countries of Mesopotamia and invaded Israel. We see monsters represent countries, not actual monsters, interacting with Israel. Daniel is considered a prophet. There is a clear connection between the nation he was born to and vision.

John the Baptist, also know as, John in the Bible was a Jewish Rabbi and wrote Revelations. He is also one of the first Christians. Revelations is written in the perspective of Jews with relation to Christianity; however, the main impact relates to Jews. Revelations in a truthful, less fantastic essence identifies events as they happened. Currently the prophecy is no longer a forewarning of future events.

Revelations 2 begins with sending letters of warning to seven different people groups. As leader of the Christian Church, Paul, sent letters and visited the seven main branches of the Church. This event is recorded in the New Testament with books like Thessalonians.

To save time, this article is cites major and obvious events. Revelations 12:3 describes the dragon with seven heads and ten crowns. The Seven Hills of Rome identify the heads. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli (3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527) alludes to how Rome is divided amongst several families who control most of Italy. The Vatican was not established at this time. At this time Greece hired 70 Rabbis to translate their Holy Scripture into Greek. This book was altered by Greek rulers, so main points would coincide with their motivations; including, fierce laws regarding battle. It was seen as acceptable, because it would create unity between Greeks and Hebrews. The Greek translation is the basis for the Latin Translation.

Beast of 666 arose (13:11-18). Rome conquered many countries, before accepting Christianity in 312 AD. A church was built on the future location of the Vatican in 326 AD. Later in 1377 it became Vatican City. Many events happened during the 1,000 years of Satan. Italy defended the Holy Land; however, they would not allow Jews to live in Jerusalem unless they converted. Catholics could be seen as a monster to Jews. This does not mean Christians are damnations. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built and dedicated in Jerusalem 336 AD.

In 1099 AD the Ottoman Empire was threatened the Holy Land and the Roman Empire began the Crusades. The Templar Knights came about around the late 1100's. They wore white robes over their armor. King Richard frequently rode a white horse (Rev. 19:11-16). The Rider on the White Horse is identified as one of the main reasons Satan's rule came to an end. During this time, the Templar Knights made decrees, such as: Jews should be held accountable for the death of Christ. In other words, they judged the Jewish people (Rev. 20:11-14). This happened around the end of the Crusades in the early 1300's.

Judgment Day is not the end of 1,000 years of Satan. The Ottomans won control over the Holy Land and Jews were allowed to return home. At this time a New Jerusalem began after the end of the 1,000 years (Rev 21:1-8). In the following years the completion of Vatican City, people began to question faith and rebelled against the Roman Empire. This developed over hundreds of years and concluded when Martin Luther said redemption is free. Disputing the Catholic Church resulted in his exile; however, people protected Luther.

Many people questioned the Roman Empire with force. Joan of Arch (1412 to 1431) rose up against England for defiling God and Church. The Peasants War of 1524-25 caused a stir. Yet, the obvious sign completing the prophecy was the birth of a new prophet Michel de Nostradamus (1503 to 1546.). He lived during the same time as Martin Luther (1483 to 1546). Martin Luther advised "Jesus Christ was Born a Jew, but only with the aim of converting them to Christianity," in 1523 AD. Now we realize anyone Christian is an extension of Judaism; therefore, New Jerusalem is the extension of Judaism to many nations.

In 76 AD, before any of these events took place, religious leaders of Israel decided Judaism is a religion, not a nation. This assisted with the ongoing turmoil which spread Jews across many national borders and into different cultures proving the Word of God is blessed. Even though Christians are identified as Satan; it is important to recognize Satan became the Lamb of God.

What does this mean today? The prophecy is complete and these are not future events. Accusing individuals of being the Devil or Satan was unnecessary since they represent nations. People use Revelations to propagate hate and confusion though practicing forgiveness is the recommended in the Bible. The World Wars prophesied by Nostradamus are related to this ongoing hunt for the Devil. It is unhealthy to attack people out of fear of the "Antichrist."

Now people are looking at Nostradamus' prophecies. The main entity in these situations can be translated as "Evil Pope." This directly points at Romans and Catholics or the translation of Holy Scripture. Nostradamus was born in France not Israel. His references to the evil pope imply a common community. There are two confusing elements in World War II: the Axis bombed churches and took control of a land quickly. Were soldiers storing weapons and hiding in Cathedrals. This explains why Hitler believed churches were a threat.

Hitler is quoted as saying they are taking their land back. People cite the harbor in Poland, yet he be reuniting the Greco-Roman Empire. This idea was dismissed because Nazi vandalized Christian bookstores; however, Christian Churches were established after rebelling against the Catholic Church. Satan was set free; however, the Devil was thrown into the pit forever. Jews were judged for killing Christ though Romans threw the spears. On this point, it is time to take responsibility, realizing continual harassment people accrues bad karma.

Church leaders might be influenced by Ancient Greece. Priests take an oath of celibacy. This is reminiscent of Caesar's influence. He decreed soldiers should not interact with oppressed people through marriage and remain celibate. Soldiers were reliant on the crown. Now Priests owe everything to the Church created by God. Celibacy is not a requirement for the priests in Leviticus. In addition, priestly law was dismissed in Deuteronomy. I do not believe Catholics are the "Antichrist;" however, a similar religion or people group close to the religion is causing problems and promoting violence.

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