All the Good Days in God: Religious Defense for Women

Monday, September 21, 2009

Religious Defense for Women

Often people face religious schisms. When traditional approaches to religion conflict with ethical desires conflict arises. However, the Bible offers acceptable solutions; therefore, the schism is resolved without going against religious values. An example of religious and societal demand is noticeable in the interpretation of Adam and Eve. Men and women agree women should be subservient to men, yet society wants people to avoid sexual promiscuity.

The first defense is obvious. The social responsibility of a man who seduces or has angry sex with a virgin is obligated to pay the customary price of a wedding to her parents or marry the woman. If they refuse the man remains obligated to the woman (Exodus 22: 16). There is an immediate threat to anyone who wishes to bed a virgin out of wedlock.

This is a comprehensive law. It is well known, virgins are prized and likely to secure a marriage. The amount paid to parents provides clothing to the woman or her family increases her status in gaining a suitable marriage within her established class.

People may resent the wealthy, as they can afford to pay the bridal price of several virgins. It seems unfair. A poor man must indenture himself to a woman he does not wish to marry. However, this is even, because no matter how wealthy a man is resources are limited. There is also a limit to how much time a man is willing to dedicate to a woman he will not marry.

This preventative measure disappears when a woman is no longer a virgin. People are concerned about the enforcement of the other Ten Commandments: though shall not commit adultery (Exodus 20:14) and though shall not covet your neighbor's wife (Exodus 20:17). Married women are protected when no longer a virgin. If a woman is not married or divorced what options does she have to protect herself against sin?

Exodus chapter 18 to 20 covers a wide array of sinful sexual acts. Theoretically this is additional protection; however, I have heard misuse of biblical statements. While at work a group of men openly harassed a married woman. They referred to Eve eating the fruit of wisdom (Genesis 3:6) as a way of saying she has to do whatever they say. For some reason they did not feel the commandment regarding adultery applied to them personally. Perhaps they believed sins would be forgiven.

Many people desire to have lives without sin and want few reasons to ask forgiveness. The way he wielded the statement was completely insulting. It was shocking how few people in the office took notice or said anything.

He wanted to basically identify women as slaves to men. This argument begins with how Adam is the only one who was warned not to eat form the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:11). Eve was not created as a helper until after God warned Adam (2:22). As Adam's helper probably told Eve the fruit was poisonous. Adam's authority during the incident place him as responsible for Eve, not the other way around. He is identified as carrying fault, because he ate the fruit, "I commanded YOU not to eat (Genesis 3:17)."

After eating the fruit the positions of management and helper were changed. Though women fell subservient to their husband (3:16) there is no reason to believe they are servants to all men. Even if they were they should practice self-preservation. Each couple is as an independent unit. A wife is their husband's helper. A man calling on favors from various women is absurd.

Though career options for a woman are controversial the main portion addressing sexual promiscuity are addressed in the identification of an individual's freedom to make decisions. Both men and women desire to fulfill a level sainthood. They must be allowed to make personal decisions in regards to sin and parental wishes. Especially single people need to think of how they will secure a marriage and safety.

A wife is not dismissed from guilt after being married. Laws regarding molestation have developed. If anything the story of Adam and Eve establishes every person is responsible for their own actions, because they will be held responsible in the eye of God for the sins they commit (Genesis 3:14-16).

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