All the Good Days in God: Taste of Fate

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taste of Fate

Fatalism and Absolutism are not a true religious bias. If God gave people freewill, why would he control everything in life? In "If Aristotle Ran General Motors" the writer undermines Nihilism and Relativity. Absolutes are fine when benefiting from absolutes. Are absolutes as wonderful after spending thousands of dollars on acting classes and never being hired for a role? Are absolutes as wonderful when a high school graduate becomes a super star? How does a person feel after a loved one dies? Summing up misfortune to fate is cruel, because it dismisses their interaction with life, so life becomes like watching a movie.

Nihilism is not built on a firm foundation of unyielding despair. Everything does not automatically equate to something else. In fact, those who do not have expectations plan and work, so life is an ongoing experience. Prepared for rewards and punishments there is a greater need to analyze issues. If anything Nihilists are fearless, not afraid of death or conceited with expectations. There is no grander force making one person rise and another fall.

Relativism states we give life meaning. Our actions produce results. Aspiring to dismiss reality, another understanding is becoming prepared for future events and placing emphasis on effort, Relativism is not a fatalistic as Absolutism. Did Santa Claus forget to give a gift for Christmas because you didn't believe hard enough?

People attempt to give life meaning, filling gaps with absolutes. Often there is no apparent reason for why anything happens. People surrender to fatalism making the successful feel empowered and the disenfranchised feel guilty of sins they have not committed. A religious person might say maybe your parents hated God. Maybe one of your parents didn't really want you to be born. This would imply they were meant to live a cursed life. It seems to me, God's plan is somewhere in between Nihilism and Absolutes.

Freewill makes it possible to make our own decisions. These decisions impact other people. In turn, other people impact our lives. We make decisions and God acts with guidance to protect keep everyone in balance. Actions happened without predetermined direction. After the person commits an act they feel the impact of actions. Earnest people take on impossible odds against many and powerful foes. Another person who places faith in money or power often feels blessed, yet they may fall to a person who only has faith.

This explains people in the porn industry. Regardless of faith, issues or potential hatred of God, God promised everyone will get what they need, not what they want. Several brutal people, unaware of sin gossip, judge and torment women for selfish reasons. Women need a way to live. Fatalism has taught God hates them, yet it is human beings making them miserable.

Pornographers still have virtuous thoughts and are compelled to great deeds of kindness. All these people need protection and it is presented with a powerful corporate empire. Though the porn industry is wrong in several people's opinion they are a conduit of mercy with intentions to help people who work form them. They prosper because their action is justified.

God gives people what they need. Many safe houses and charitable organization embrace life with humility by offering an escape route. Unfortunately, many people are unforgiving though demand a second chance when falling from grace. For those with faith, God will provide what they need and assistance comes in various forms. Perhaps they want more; however, what they want will place them in danger; therefore, what they need is protection.

Those invoked with entitlement bitterly attempt to crush people. For a long time they attempt to harm another person not seeing they are committing sin themselves. The taste of fate becomes sour as the balance of fate leans in favor of protecting the once wicked and yields consequence to those who consider themselves virtuous.

It seems more people should spend less time judging one another and appreciate people as God's perfect creations. There is no reason why an innocent person should feel they deserve harm or hate. Retaliate against the person committing harm, not God. A person inflicted pain and should become wise through avoiding the continuation of suffering. That is a personal responsibility, not necessarily will of an unseen force.

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