All the Good Days in God: Ruin of the Old Testament

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ruin of the Old Testament

Concerned when reading commonly referenced versions of the Old Testament it occurs to me several problems are arising because of inadequate translations. Fundamentalists base religion on the Old Testament, believing it is the true religion. Luckily, many decided the philosophical viewpoints are of value not the word-per-word meaning. In other incidences, this violent textual version reflects negatively on the Jewish people.

As a young person I received a copy of the Holy Scripture. It is an English translation of the Tanakh. Reading through Torah, the stories meld together as one and also offer insight on religion. Later on I lost my copy, yet remember the stories of Jacob and more importantly Leviticus. Though the story of Jacob, later Israel, is relatively similar there is a simple lack of emphasis of how Jacob applied his intellect to maintain a fair trade with Uncle. Jacob was not vicious. He did not steal from or threaten his uncle. It was a matter of reworking the deal to insure proper compensation for work.

Disturbing instances are written in reference to the laws. Frequently, "stone and exile," became, "stone to death." In the year of Jubilee people return from exile and not death. It is common sense, the translation is inaccurate.

Another issue the use of the word "slave." There are an paragraphs dedicated to explaining how no servant living in a household, foreign, domestic, commissioned or free is to be treated as a slave. In fact, no slavery should exist in the land, because they were once slaves. A servant is described as a household servant who is treated as a member of the family. Everyone is paid according to their work. This is based on living expenses.

This misconception has made it difficult to write another article related to domestic life. The laws related to the divisions of responsibilities between groom and bride have been diminished to a frightful law stating if a man sleeps with a slave he must make her his wife if she chooses to stay. It ruins my entire philosophy related to creating a harmonious family life.

Beyond these infractions, it occurs to me people reading the Old Testament evaluate Jewish people because the Old Testament is supposed to be Tanakh, the basis of Jewish Religion. Unfortunately this is not their religion. This savage, occult and overly pious book does not reflect Jewish Beliefs. In fact, anyone following the Christian Religion should refer to the New Testament. Jesus Christ, who became a rabbi in his late twenties summarizes the Jewish Religion. It lacks word-per-word evaluations; however, loving others as you love God, being kind, and avoid cult behavior is a good methodology for obtaining correct practice.

People might be confused by this because Pharisees were always harassed Jesus after he became a Rabbi. Perhaps Pharisees became zealous and adapted a cult behavior. Another Jewish Sect, the Sadducees, were Jesus' close friends and supported of his teachings. They recognized the goodness of his spirit and actions.

Feeling this is an important message, I hope people read it and enrich their lives. Life is meant to be lived and the larger context of the Bible is to treat each other well without becoming a victim. Imagine helping or not harming others when planning how to become your best. Perhaps I will explore content in the New Testament to offer additional insight on various passages, such as: trees baring good fruit. In any event, if you are Christian, it is probably best to read the New Testament.

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