All the Good Days in God: Wickedness of Fortunetelling

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wickedness of Fortunetelling

Reading several copies of the Bible several replace fortunetelling with any witchcraft, ceremonial magic or communion with ghosts; however, fortunetelling is the sin causing reasons to exile people from the community until jubilee. Fortunetelling is a step in breaking Ten Commandments. It is easy to imagine how it may cause false testimony, yet it is often the reason for theft, adultery and various larger sins because they are mislead or "prostituting themselves to demons."

Anyone using Ouija and Tarot are not committing sin when entertaining or addressing a dilemma. "Tarot Basics" only offers two spreads for fortunetelling. Looking at old books of magic, frequently "magic" explains water evaporation or animal scent to discourage predators. Most spreads address past or present events. This is not a sin within itself and a person is guilty when committing sin, as usual.

Prophets are the only exception to fortunetelling, because prophets are messengers of God. As vassal relaying information they are not fortunetellers. When finding a false prophet they are exiled similarly to fortunetellers.

Why is fortunetelling maniacal? It is not maniacal as much as deceptive. The accurate paraphrasing associated to the sin is, "Those engaging in fortunetelling prostitute themselves to demons." A whimsical flourishing of the English language, fortunetellers do not fornicate with demons. They become enslaved to personal desires.

Believing in the veil and unseen beings a person must understand time is a calendar created by human-beings as they observed the Sun, Moon and Stars. There is no going forward or backward in time; therefore, unseen beings are offering a forecast based on past events, similar to any person using mathematics to create a forecast. Maybe they see more; however, upon reading about the future people behave differently; therefore, the fortune never comes true.

Perhaps the fortuneteller states you will find work in the near future. Going to them when thinking about working in fast food, the fast food job is available. After being reassured work is guaranteed the person decided to wait for the office job and changed their future. An office job is not available. Increasingly depressed, the person needed any job. Their course of action was altered during the reading.

Other barriers to fortunetelling are fragmented statements and open interpretation. With prophetical wording, no one knows what will happen until it happens. Perhaps the fortune is legitimate, yet promises of wealth and love obscure ability to function logically. Hypothetically a reading said, "There is one daughter who is beautiful. She will be wealthy and share her wealth amongst family members; however, beware for there is one who is conceited. They may ruin the beautiful one's future and become a prostitute unless becoming educated and finding legitimate work."

This is fine. We could assume it is a member of the immediate family, or not. We could assume it is a daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter and so-on. It does not identify the daughter. Most people believe attractiveness is obvious as a person's face; however, it is subjective. In a large family there are several reasonably attractive daughters. Each parent favors their own child.

Now we have to accuse someone of being conceited. Conceit is mistakenly associated to vanity; however, conceit is overly estimating one's own merit. Utilized with vanity someone merely skinny might appear average. People also play strange games, such as: saying intelligent women are beautiful and beautiful women are intelligent. This causes a huge problem. What if the only thing making a conceited woman conceited is the belief she is destined to be wealthy? Fortunetelling diluted everything and created greed, fear and malignant behavior.

It is obvious how the lure of fortunetelling adversely affects a person's life. Therefore, the only solution is to ignore it and go about life completely dismissing the fortune. Why even have our fortune told? It would be best to not engage in the activity. Everyone should act ethically and morally, offering the best information and options to all people involved. Acknowledge the beautiful after she became victorious, since it is her destiny. Faith is the best option to avoid becoming a victim of irrational behavior during stressful situations.

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