All the Good Days in God: Confusion Helps Criminals

Friday, April 15, 2011

Confusion Helps Criminals

Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Judgment and gossip are amongst various sins mentioned in the Biblical Civil Code, yet judgment and gossip are not punished. It is recommended to avoid judgment and gossip, because though they are not sins, they are methods to generate sin.

Think of when people harmed you or you harmed another in an attempt to "get them back," or "do the right thing;" except, they were not guilty. Instead, it was competitive hype, a person invented the story for attention, there was more to the story or information was based on a malicious lie intended to harm another person.

Frequently in today's society, women are competitive to a point of viciousness. Becoming common to call a women slut, whore or bitch, someone might misunderstand and take commentary literally. Most people equate this activity with venting and not a valid source of information. Another person might exploit gossip with truthful testimony stating a person told them she was a slut, whore or bitch. When questioned in court, they say, "So-and-So said they were a slut;" or "So-an-So said they were a bitch, so when she came at me I defended myself." Misuse of judgment and gossip becomes a method to rape and abuse women.

People must learn how to report issues without bias. From personal experience, this is a challenge. As a teen, everyone wanted attention. There was a basic understanding people were attempting to make stories vivid through exaggeration. As time went by people were physically and mentally harmed when it would be easy to report information as is was experienced.

Something is lost and it is assumed stolen; ergo, steal from the person who stole from them: however, the thief blamed to someone most people already judged as suspicious. This builds a lot of anger. Being considered less than everyone else or type-cast because of appearance damages people's self-esteem. Maybe they leave or maybe they get angry enough to start a fight. Perhaps everyone agrees to steal from each other and avoid problems until interacting with another group: wherein, tolerating theft is not an option.

There is a giant centrifuge of potential sin accelerating from this activity and it is grows in power. When it breaks-down people are sent in every direction. Referring to the Commandment "Do not bear false witness against your neighbor," when judgment and gossip create false testimony people might die.

Beyond an innocent person going to jail and facing disease and bodily harm, imagine a murder remaining free. There are free to continue killing because of a suspicious neighbor. Looking at evident was not enough to build a case. Everyone knew the suspicious neighbor was guilty. People claim hearsay was fact and created stories to convict a person no one likes. If an innocent person dies in jail everyone bearing false wittiness is guilty of murder. In addition, when the innocent person went to jail a potential murderer or serial killer might feel justified, as though the action was sanctified by God. Empowered with knowledge they were spared from execution they wait to kill again and took an interest in your children or friends.

People remain victimized and guilty remain unpunished because other ideals interfered with faith and honesty. Is it difficult to say, "I don't know;" or "I didn't see it but So-and-So said?" If So-and-So is an eye-wittiness they provide valid information. Eventually enough proof will convict the real criminal. Honest input helps detectives find criminals, so real criminals are kept from the community and reformed through the justice system.

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