All the Good Days in God: Casting Out of Demons

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Casting Out of Demons

Casting out of demons primarily applies to Christianity. Jesus Christ was known for healing lepers and ill. The first person he healed was said to have been possessed by multiple pig demons. This action is debatable, yet God is merciful to everyone. Medicine is our best option for giving people a second chance. The Bible states God forgives all sincere apologies.

In the tradition of Christ, it is everyone's responsibility to act according to their oaths. A person promises to abide by the Ten Commandments and follow the Word of God for assistance in maintaining order and gaining God's blessing. We do not shun the poor, meek or unhealthy. Instead, we assist all who are living to coexist and avoid folly that may or may not appear to have a divine purpose in relation to everyone, including, non-congregants.

Unfortunately, some people want to decide who is and who is not deserving of grace and second chances. They take it upon themselves to determine God's Judgment. This is similar to using God's name in vain. At times, I question Jesus Christ's casting out of demons. God's Curse incapacitates people so they are unable to act upon evil or harm another person. Removing the curse enables them to lash out with treachery unless they have realization about the error of their ways. Illness is how we remain on Earth to continue learning. Everyone has an entitlement to learn and become a better person. The only greater necessity of life than love is wisdom.

How does harassing a person make them better or realize the error of their ways? Targeting anyone usually embitters them and encourages a desire to fight. Provoking them is, in a sense, damning their soul though everyone is capable of making decisions, yet most of us suffer hardships and want for things that we do not need. There is only a desire to do better, not harm anyone.

Empathy and treating everyone equally and avoiding breaking the Ten Commandments is how everyone gets better. As we are shown mercy we should show mercy. People should not judge a person suffering illness with assumptions they have inclinations to cause trouble they remain ill or heal. It is not thoughts, only actions with consequences.

God took care of it by limiting their abilities. There is also a theory of souls choosing a Martyr's Life in order to promote change. Regardless, the ill are not able to cause harm to themselves or to others. Everyone has entitlements to a great life. When compelled to assist someone, assist them. The casting out of demons rejuvenates a person's soul.

Is it difficult to understand everything in life is not fate? There are many people who feel fate makes decisions. They are not in control of their own person, yet God would never condemn a person by making them break the Ten Commandments. When in question, think of another solution that does not break the Ten Commandments. We are simply people. It is impossible to state whether every thought is divine inspiration. With most certainty God would not inspire someone to break the Ten Commandments.

It is our time to heal everyone, have faith God is with us and give second chances to whoever deserves a second chance. Even when not showing signs of deserving a second chance we should avoid breaking Ten Commandments. When turmoil occurs, be gracious to those who survive. When meeting someone with mental or physical illness, be gracious. Assist in helping them find the source of stress and pain. When accepting guilt for sin we are free to atone and begin life anew.

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