All the Good Days in God: Astrological Episode

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Astrological Episode

Astrology is a commonly accepted in mainstream America, yet the validity of horoscopes is questionable. Is a horoscope fortunetelling? Are horoscopes purely entertainment?

Astrology is based on constellations appearing in the night sky during certain times of the year; it appears to divide a year into twelve parts and people made associations to the constellations. Looking at several natal reports, they seem to be tailored to the individual. The Sun Sign is innocuous by itself; however, combining descriptions of the planetary signs creates unique descriptions. This is why we place value on astrology and want daily horoscopes.

In order to believe in astrology we have to assume time is consistent and moldable. How else can anonymous people determine events of life in advance? Forecasting and trend analysis are based on past events. By reviewing past events a statistician determines how much food to order for a restaurant or how many outfits need to be in department stores for the holiday season. Astrology does not factor past personal events when estimating future events. This makes it magical.

Once upon a time, I believed in astrology. The natal chart was accurate to a disturbing extent. I ordered a daily horoscope and became immediately disappointed. It listed activities for each day like what color to wear. None of applied to me and created an extreme disconnection.

I left it in a box and eventually threw it away. Now I occasionally look at general horoscopes on the internet or satellite station; however, I will only read it after the day is over. Theoretically it is fated and would happen without foreknowledge. Reading my Sun Sign, it is never correct. Fortunes related to other signs never have a consistent message applying to my life.

Through this time, I realized daily horoscopes are a training program or mind control. A person does the activity everyday causing effects to happen later. When thinking love is on the horizon, I go outside my regular routine to find someone. When seeing someone attractive, I start a conversation and prepare dinner later in the week. When needing to resolve something with my family, I call them to find out what is going on until there is something to resolve. Living away from most of my family, entire days pass without talking to any of them. Without thinking there was something wrong, there is no reason to contact them. My role of working out a pressing issue never came to past.

The theory of magnetic fields between earth and solar system are interesting. People cannot test it; however, it is more likely another is observation occurring. The natal reports are usually accurate and remain the same between astrologers; they are not observing universal forces. They are observing environmental affects on a new born child.

Each month passes and people are born. We are exposed to different stimulus. These early imprints become a part of our lost memory and affect what we expect from life and establish comfort zones. As a person born in July, Cancer, I enjoy rough fabrics like cotton and bumpy mattresses. This could simulate falling to sleep on the ground as a baby. Capricorns are noted for enjoying luxury. They are born in the winter during the holidays. There is a greater importance to keep warm in soft, plush fabrics. Both signs spend additional time with family though the climate is different. These instincts could affect choices for an entire lifetime.

Astrology is upheld by many people. It appears to offer answers, yet I think it is far from fortunetelling and mostly entertainment. Observations validate the practice, yet trying to prove anything beyond natal reports is disappointing. Perhaps planetary magnetic fields affect us. They are responsible for the rotation and axis of the earth. As entertainment or training program, it is worthwhile. However, it is wrong to delude people into believing in something without substance. Cope with the world without rose colored magical glasses.

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