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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tertiary Life Energy

Leviticus 17:11 – For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I (God) have assigned it to you for making expiation for your lives upon the altar; it is the blood, as life, that effects expiation.

Leviticus chapter 17 and Leviticus 19:26 identify eating or drinking blood as a sin. The punishment is, "God will put his face against them." In other words, they will have a cursed life of misery. Jehovah Witnesses refuse blood transfusions for this reason. People rationalized since blood is freely given so another person may live, it is an acceptable sacrifice. People have freewill to choose a shorter life so another may live longer.

Beyond the duality or hypocrisy between drinking, eating blood and blood transfusions there are physiological explanations for why drinking blood weakens a person. Genesis 1:29-30 identifies people eat seed bearing fruit. Animals eat leafy plants. Food chains identified herbivores only gain a fraction of the energy of plants and carnivores only gain a fraction of energy from herbivores. There are more herbivores because they eat less, while carnivores eat more to survive.

All life is composed of fire, air, water and earth. Fire, heat or sunlight is needed for chemical reactions and movement. Air supplies much needed oxygen and minerals in the air. Water is the combination of oxygen and hydrogen. Both are needed in complex chemical chain reactions and movement. Earth is needed to hold an entity together in one form. Without fire, air, water and earth an entity cannot be identified as living.

Plants have the most energy by combining raw elements into amino and protein strands, saving a step for animals and people when generating chemical bonds according to their DNA. When an animal or person eats an herbivore several hormones, amino and protein strands are already formed. There is less energy, but carnivores lost the ability to generate these chemical strands. A person who eats another person's blood is the least able to transform elements into a useable form.

Theoretically people should be able to eat plants and live healthy. My ancestry stems from a Nordic region of the world. Eating milk and cheese is standard. Hearing people near the equator are able to process Vitamin D and Calcium from plants was a revelation. This gene is disabled in my family. Attempting to remove fattening milk and cheese from my diet it wasn't long before feeling weak. Drinking milk completely revitalized my system. There was some luck in combining Vitamin D tablets and sunbathing to create usable calcium for bones for the production of new blood cells, yet it was minimal.

Beyond eating and breathing it might be possible to process raw elements through the skin. This creates a potential reality of psychic vampires. A person unable to process energy from the sun may feel fatigue and need a preprocessed source of energy. Human vampirism has an automatic outcome, beyond frightening everyone. It becomes difficult to process food with higher energy content in exchange for ease of consumption.

How does a person reverse these affects? It might be impossible to completely change diet in one lifetime. Instead, the DNA must be stimulated by eating richer energy sources. A regular person only needs to balance diet with seed bearing plants. Eat grain, corn, tomatoes, berries and so-on, every day, making resources available when stimulating chemical reactions. Then the body has a greater opportunity to uncovered hidden DNA.

When a child is forming, conflicts between DNA are resolved by disabling genetic strands. With the new parental diet, the child has a chance to uncover ancient DNA. Therefore, when the child grows older they prefer fruits, vegetables and grains.

It would be nice to stimulate hidden genes. Since there is no recorded history of people being able to live like plants, the ideal of consuming nutrients directly from the elements is probably impossible. However, it is clear relying on similar energy sources reduces survival capabilities. It is tricky to calculate the multitudes of degeneration.

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