All the Good Days in God: Function of Talismans

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Function of Talismans

Talismans have been around for a long time: luck rabbit's foot, religious symbols and stones. These objects are said to empower people with paranormal abilities. This is and is not true. A rock is a rock and water is water. However, the activity regarding talismans is powerful.

The major learning types are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Often an image, sound or object stimulates a thought process. The talisman is linked to religion or ideals. People see, hear or feel the talisman when thinking about various topics. As a person immerses themselves in thoughts behind the associated lesson the talisman becomes less important because ideas are a part of the person's memory.

In "Echo Meditation" a person is challenged to evaluate their life and decide what is important to them. People interact with stones while meditating. Crystals are conductors with the ability to enhance energy. Scientific uses include regulating time pieces and improving audio. Stones have unique chemical structures, so they also act as a conduit to reflect and amplify energy in different ways; however, it is the same whether in the forest, under tons of rock or in your home. It is principally a rock.

People sometimes misunderstand why anyone uses talismans. When people are christened the priest pours water over a child, but the child does not understand the purpose. The community understands the child is being accepted into a congregation. If the child's family left the church and the child never learned the religion, water is only water. Water does not pass principles of religion to a child. If records of the child were lost they would have to go through the process of conversion.

Water is beautiful. I witnessed the baptismal of my sister. Water is also conductive. It glows and sparkles, a magical moment holding no magical power. If it held magical power a seer would see an irremovable mark on a baptized person's soul and church records would be obsolete.

The constructive use of talismans produces an admirable member of the congregation or powerfully virtuous thoughts. The incorrect use of talismans produces people who believe they have paranormal immunity to the world. This creates magical entitlement, meaning the person ignores cause and effect, expecting irrational outcomes.

A parabolic story in the bible addresses talismans. The Arch of the Covenant was stolen. The Hebrews felt defeated until remembering God is not held in the Arch. They always carry God's wisdom with them. The Arch contains the written Word of God. Their belief in God made it possible to retrieve the Arch and place it in a safe place for future generations.

In those times people were so attached to objects, when the object is lost, they are defeated. Knowing the value of the Arch is the knowledge encouraged several transcriptions. This way we can always carry God in our minds and hearts.

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