All the Good Days in God: Magical Solutions

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magical Solutions

Magical helps us cope with problems in the world. People mythical fixations to place blame upon to remain focused on tasks and a guidelines to keep emotions from spilling over onto another person's life.

One of the best solutions is to remember there is a chance it isn't real, yet using magical thinking is beneficial. A couple personal stories relate to fatigue or embarrassment. Life is complicated and a person only needs to stay focused or identify the problem to move on with life effectively.

Long ago, I had a weight issue and was unsatisfied with my appearance. It appeared even after counting calories and working out, I was still pudgy. This is when I decided to workout and drink a lot of water to improve health. Gaining enough energy to workout was tedious. Then it occurred to me someone must have cast a spell to gain the appearance I should have that was justly deserved through perseverance.

Getting on the treadmill, sometimes the only motivating thought was imagining the witch as anorexic. This would kill the evil witch who had done this to me. They would pay. After long enough it became easier to accept the circumstances of aging and having poor health. Exercise improved my health and magical thoughts disappeared.

Another similar incident was coping with a bladder control problem seeming to run in the family. Yeast infections are associated with sexual activity, yet I don't have sex so it must have been something else. Initially blaming it on genetics, I started blaming cruel witches with an evil sense of humor. After learning about yeast infections, found they were not always transmitted through sexual activity. Trying out over-the-counter yeast medication, my problem went away. It would be negligent to say it was anything else.

Why would blaming witches be good? In the midst of identifying the real problem, I kept my concerns inside and continued working on resolving the issue, because while witches might be out to get me, I have faith in God. God, of course, protects the meek and will harm the evil witches for me without having to find them personally. Since God is out punishing energy thieves, I do not have to find and subdue anyone.

God is an omnipotent presence who is everywhere and protects his disciples, yet faith in God establishes a condition of accepting the laws for mankind. A person must follow the Ten Commandments and be moral person who cares about everyone's welfare. While frustrated and filled with anger, I must be vigilant in making sure my life does not adversely affect anyone else's life to gain preference from God when subduing evildoers. This means: thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal; thou shall not covet, and so-on.

It worked out. Absolute faith in God was the key to being able to find answers to resolve the problems. Hence God rewarded me for being a good person. There are variations on how a person will interpret the information, yet it works. Getting in touch with emotions is okay; however, coping with issues takes so long. It seems easier to have a quick avoidance or denial system while continuing to handling daily challenges.

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