All the Good Days in God: Hidden Biblical Passages

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hidden Biblical Passages

Apocrypha is defined as "hidden" or "false." Many apocryphal texts appear in Roman, Greek and Russian Bibles. These additions are not necessarily false. They are difficult to interpret and frequently read out-of-context. This is why they are hidden from people learning the religion.

Apocryphal texts include: Esdras, Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, Maccabees and so-on. Understanding Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy) is challenging. It is not as straightforward as assumed. Correctly reading the text disproves several common principles in today's society.

Addressing some areas of debate, the premise of God being unable to interact directly with people because God is unable to be around sin is incorrect and this is proven in Genesis. There is also a consequence to sin, people overlook. When someone acts incorrectly consequences occur. In Leviticus Moses expands on the Ten Commandments with a Civil Code for Followers of God. It directly states that a brother and sister lying together is a sin and the punishment is an inability to conceive children. In Genesis, Abraham and Sarah (Abraham's half-sister) go to the city. Abraham introduces her as his sister and when a wealthy man approaches her Abraham reveals Sarah is also his wife in order to embarrass people out of their money. He is not lying. Both conditions are true.

Abraham was one of very few people acknowledged as having direct contact with God, yet Abraham was a sinner. Though most accept the meaning of "Holy" as meaning "separate," God does not have problems interacting with Abraham. In fact, the offer made to Abraham might have been designed to force Abraham to divorce Sarah and end their sinful marriage. It is clearly stated they could not have children together; however, God made a miracle happen.

There are many ways to interpret the story. Ishmael has a blessing through the bloodline because of the agreement with God; however, Israel has Abraham's blessing because Abraham acknowledges Israel as his son. Abraham is the owner of the land. Abraham was able to promise a section of land to his cousin, because he owns the property.

Another area of friction occurs in Joshua. They are about to invade another city and meet travelers along the road. They promise to help defeat the city to become Hebrews. Joshua finds they are former residence of the city they will invade tomorrow, yet Joshua maintains the contract and they are victorious. The story validates the importance of remaining true to oaths despite new information to fulfill the most important oath of accepting God's Word when gaining favor from God.

There are many stories in apocrypha wherein a person must think profoundly about Torah to read apocrypha correctly. The Wisdom of Solomon sounds easy to read. Solomon was a King. Talking to someone who had read it they did not understand Solomon is essentially evil.

Solomon drained Jerusalem of wealth and married two-hundred wives. Solomon invoked spirits through magic known through the religions of his new wives. A person should know King Solomon is synonymous with the fall of all twelve Israeli Tribes. His wisdom is not to be trusted. Read it like a practice session to identify a variety and extent how foolish he was and people followed, without question, because he was King.

Solomon's actions were unnoticed. In fact, most people thought God was with him, yet none of the other people encountering God were afraid of him. Solomon thought marrying princesses from the surrounding territories and enemies would give him an advantage in conquering everyone. However, it made it easier for enemies to invade. He also devised to learn all their magic to summon known deities to protect them in war. His plan failed. The country was nearly defenseless. Many people were enslaved and dispersed into other nations.

Another problem occurred when a new King entertained the Wisdom of Solomon and married an Assyrian Princess Bathsheba. The Assyrians were bitter enemies who wanted to kill all of the Rabbis. With Bathsheba's help, they killed most of the Rabbis. After Assyrians invaded, the Israelis were banished from the land for they gained through Worship of God.

Solomon ability to become King does not supersede his lack of ability to rule competently. People will find similar problems when following his example not the Word of God.

The Word of God does not promote incest. Leviticus clearly states marriage amongst siblings is an abomination. Abraham's behavior caused immediate consequences. Dinah did not want to marry the neighboring prince and shortly afterward the Israelis were sent into Egypt where they became slaves for four-hundred years (curse) to fulfill Abraham's blessing. Of course, people may assume through marriages with distant cousins linked everyone's bloodline to honor both contacts.

Joshua remained true to the Word of God and immediately saw the reward when several cities were recaptured.

Solomon and other books related to magic with lions, dragons, deities and oddities are not as wrong as complicated. Wisdom gained can be very different than what is communicated through the words on the page.

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