All the Good Days in God: Spirituality verses Wealth

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spirituality verses Wealth

Reviewing Miracle Stories listed in "Non-Canonical Writings," similarities to Jesus' story are abundant. The author, Evans, makes correlations between miracles; however, life stories are also similar. This could be several explanations for this.

Pondering why any person with the greatest spiritual influence would die young, poor or both most assume they should be wealthy and live a long life. Yet societal circumstances could affect how well a person will live.

In ancient times, those exhibiting a stronger spiritual presence with magical gifts were given opportunities because they were the wisest. Through generation they went from a position of Court Advisor to Governor to King. It made sense for the oldest and wisest souls to be in control over decisions that impact the community's lives. These communities were developed over several generations by people who might not be as spiritual, yet they were educated in business, economics and sociology. The people building empires were best at managing empires. Eventually those gained control through claims of higher spirituality were held responsible for everyone's woes and dismissed as incompetent.

Wealth and spirituality are separate issues. A person can be wealthy and spiritual, yet there is evidence people can be wealthy without spirituality and spiritual with monetary success. It depends on how much time is dedicated to either pursuit.

Israelis anticipated a New King for several generations. It is possible the ideal of "greatness" produces an adverse effect. Expectations propel special individuals into harmful circumstances. Every culture, before modern society, established physical characteristics as a method for identifying beauty, intelligence and sensitivity. Celtic and Asian Culture identify green eyes with beauty, while blue eyes are preferred in the United States. Even now it is obvious how people with blue eyes are preferred on television and in film in the United States.

Asians also have a rare eye color of violet. Supposedly, a person with violet eyes will have a Life of Greatness. Reading some of these stories, they become fighters and die young. Knowing eye color is not related to more than appearance; even if it was a sign of greatness their lives would have greater impact if maturing before accepting extraordinary challenges. In addition, they would have more children and people would begin realizing people with violet eyes are as likely to become a rice farmer as a Ninja Princess. In the United States violet eyes are associated to albinism. Except, for Betty Davis signs of innate accomplishments are limited.

Reviewing these stories a person might dismiss a Miracle Worker's life, because they did not obtain monetary success; however, a person dedicated to fulfilling God's work is willing to do what they need in order to be successful in spreading God's Word. The testament is in how many lives they impacted positively and the longevity of their work.

It is said Jesus knew how he would die before dying. He knew he would not be very old. He declined payment for work. This was unheard of by the Jewish Community, yet it ingratiated him to the Greco-Roman Community. It would be wonderful if he had a moderate life with family and regular work, yet the tragedy of his life is a portion of how the story became accepted by a foreign culture.

Elijah has a similar story of servitude and poverty. Though considered a great man, his life was full of hardship. There are several others who were unable to live a comfortable life or suffered incredible emotional pain like Amos. Some think it is a conscious decision, "If they were truly wise or connected to God, they would know how to avoid these hardships." However, if they were spiritual and accepted a Mission for God without personal restrictions to assist all of humanity, they would be given what they need not what they want (a Biblical Principle).

There are no promises of wealth or longevity though wealth and longevity are blessings. Social barriers create obstacles. Threats from those protecting their inheritance would alter events. Goals might have additional obstacles producing poverty or early death. They might need to suffer hardships in order to understand whom they are helping. Not all spiritual people suffer tragedy. Several establish new religions that survive for millennia. They had wealth, opportunity, success and longevity. Several have also lived long, modest lives with only the necessities. There are no guarantees of what will happen accept God's Work will be done.

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