All the Good Days in God: Changes in Rank

Monday, December 12, 2011

Changes in Rank

A huge topic in "the Question Concerning Technology" is Overman. Essentially, as belief in God lessens man strives to find another flawless being to be the ultimate enforcer to fight crime, perform miracles and rescue the innocent. Previously God was the answer to many questions. Right, wrong, good or bad God resolves all issues of everything. With suspicion God is not real another presence must take God's place. Nietzsche theorized this entity would be the educated wealthy; however, current times reveal science replaced God. Overman still diligently dodges responsibility for the masses.

Some might think Overman is the controls of man. When religion was popular, Overman was Aristocrats and Politicians with verification from Priests and Oracles who have the ability to talk to God. Nietzsche brings this concept into focus stating Overman will dominate during what he calls, "the Death of God." A person might suspect sciences, statistics and mathematics of being the Overman replacing God, yet even Scientists express science is a freely acting entity.

Whether Religious, Secular or Atheist, science became the Savor of Mankind. Religious people think science is a gift from God. Faith includes knowing Scientists were chosen for their vocations. Mere decades ago science was considered an opponent to God's Will. As Atheism grows in popularity the Word of God becomes a philosophy that has shown its success through surviving cultures and we question the authority of science.

What is the danger of a benevolent being? The issues are the same. People die and the Wisdom of Scientists is a primary concern. This entire book is attempts to understand science better, to gain perspective and to find folly in science. There are some interesting points. There is the impact of "World Picture" verses Individual.

The World Picture is an entity which is the Enframing of modern science. Statistics and information is drawn upon to represent reality. Polls, surveys and tests create a population to guide inventors and decision makers when assisting people. We read about statistics wherein one-in-four people suffer from an illness. This is a very high number, yet when looking at a group of four people, there is a greater chance known of them have or have had the illness. The World Picture effects how people invest their money. Different factors make Investors bold or meek in accordance to trends in the market.

The direct relation to an individual person is negligible though many people experience the World Picture daily. I look at my television. I am happy it exists, though never imagining a television on my own. There it is and works fine. Even upgrades seem to be great though never contemplating how to make it better.

People watch shows to glean insight into science and then take this knowledge to build a group appearance. This group appearance becomes the highlight. Morals, values or other lessons become secondary. I have seen people divide into groups based on music preferences and attack each other in annual rituals of dominance to determine the strongest group.

People are animals. Some want to believe otherwise and science states people area able to free them from animal behavior, while other science says that this is impossible. Our great power of saving is in conflict. Chaos is overwhelming.

Science is great though. People protect themselves from hurricanes that would have killed thousands of people in the past. It cannot stop the hurricane, yet it evacuates cities. This is a previously unknown advantage.

Global Warming is in the limelight. Despite debunking the theory greenhouse gases are causing planetary warming, the planet is warming. Evaporation will thicken the ozone, yet I have noticed a trend of great concern.

Who is determining traits as beneficial or incorrect? This is especially dangerous when the calculations are superficial. Scientists theorize the perfect human to the point of aborting a child if they would be considered deformed or have a genetic "disorder;" however, adaptation is important to the survival of a species. By remaining the same, considering the changing atmosphere, could attempts to control human development stop any chance of survival in the distant future?

The World Picture is helpful and dangerous. While agreeing with most scientific advances, there is a looming threat. I address several threats on my website. I don't like people determining the happiest way to live. This pressure appears to produce more anal retentive and obsessive compulsive people than ever before.

Is it a big deal to not smile at someone? Someone once wrote the first impression is made in seconds, yet it is an individual's right to decide what first impression they want to make. Humanity is being removed. I remember sitting across from someone who is so "nice" about everything and then they rant about a waitress not smiling with a sense of justification.

Small topics are expanded and basic rules of conducts become methods to harm each other, while Overman sites science as the problem. Do not worry science improves with better methodologies. These conflicts and accomplishments take precedence. Science has shown its value to humanity though humanity is becoming no more than a tool in its many structures. Considering growth throughout the years I am sure God must approve. People should try managing the Earth on their own and blame someone else for awhile.

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