All the Good Days in God: Discrimination

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Discrimination and harassment are ongoing problems. With New Age of Information there are fewer problems. This year is better than last year. This century is extremely better than last century even though there are new challenges to tempt individuals into harming their selves.

Often perception is, "More of something good is better;" or "A person must utilize drastic tactics in order to survive." This is not true. I have heard people with religious values being called sheep or allowing themselves to be victims to maintain the Higher Moral Code. Already writing several articles, it is possible to practice religious values and be in balance with society without betraying beliefs.

The Bro Code is a new invention of the Modern World. Initially it was not even a defense against feminism. Men know women are attracted to financial stability and personality. Having friends demonstrates morality, scruples and teamwork. Having a strong moral code is like a promise of a happy marriage or at least a workable situation. Over time men expanded the Bro Code with the elimination of obligation to men who are not Bros and "Bros before Hoes."

Surprising the Bible, written millennia ago, offers functional advice in relation to these schisms. It is not so much a direct reward, as much as guidance to avoid retaliation or developing an enemy. With equal treatment of everyone a person is able to have a good marriage, friendships and acquaintances without creating fierce enemies. Having many enemies creates a life of hardship and spending additional time with enemies in attempts of subversion. The Ten Commandments are a guideline to know when things will go too far. Issues like the Bro Code become flawed. Understanding reasons and successes in relation to the methodology are virtuous; however, people will want more. Perhaps they can secure work by becoming a Bro. How many personal sacrifices must a person make? Would a friend place their friend in danger?

Despite what people think, regardless of whether or not they sinned retaliation is eminent. A person planning on living a full life cannot allow others to harm them and let their livelihood be stolen. It saddens me when qualified people are overlooked because they did not "Play the game." Women, in relation to the Bro Code, are not given opportunities. By birth, women will never be Bros in their lifetime.

When in the heat of a civilian battle with someone who ignores fair-fighting rules, whenever approaching breaking a Ten Commandment, it is time to reconsider offensive tactics. A person does not have to steal when someone steals from them in order to have anything. In fact, in a den of thieves the only winner is the one who is best at stealing, until someone facing death has to commit murder to stop having everything they own stolen from them. In a sense the action is self-defense because they were slowly murdered by the best thief.

The additional guilt of thievery, regardless of participation, binds them to someone who is disinterested in their security. As a person wastes away they are forced to protect themselves. There are only so many years they can waste away and let someone else benefits from their work. When the threat is apparent, despite all of the best, most benevolent ideals they will protect themselves and interests.

In relationships, significance is lost to women when they begin to see advantages of monetary stability, friendship and morality will be given to another person. This image of a happy marriage turns into an image of hardship, near slavery and a miserable marriage. With nothing more than an offering of malicious treatment and potential violence; ergo, men participating in the Bro Code become unattractive.

Not being aware of the consequences of being mean to another person is how we hurt ourselves. In the Christian, moral, religiously inclined methods of handling this problem there are defenses. In the Old Testament people are told they sin when they give their sword to an enemy. This does not mean a person brutally stabs their enemy. It means they will not assist an enemy who attempts to destroy them.

Not giving your sword to the enemy and avoiding people who do not contribute to your wellbeing is only the beginning. There are many laws to protect everyone. It is important to gain knowledge to create a defense that will deter an aggressor. Some of these include going to the Police. Some issues are more intellectually bizarre, like learning about trademark, registration and copyright laws. Some resolutions might involve a rouse to expose an aggressor for who they are, yet false testimony nullifies results. If someone is a bully they are exposed when it is proven. If making false reports it is proven you are the bully.

Written millennia ago, in a land on the other side of the World, the wisdom of the Bible is real and provable. Many solutions are available. It is a matter of seeing, thinking and sharing how it is more than a simple methodology without merit unless having faith in a Benevolent God. The Ten Commandments are the line between a peaceful life and worrying about who is lurking in the shadows, and spending time enjoying making the World happy and beautiful place.

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