All the Good Days in God: Incentives

Thursday, January 19, 2012


What are the incentives of following the Ten Commandments? A lot of people focus on the wraith and misery. As a person still struggling with money and establishing myself there are many challenges. Though lacking some material necessities I am still able to have the things most think wealth resolves.

Some deficits in my own birth that might seem awkward or unseemly are the issues around my birth. Obviously I am woman. Most people do not know is my biological Father is a debatable issue. This type of debate leaves me open to anyone with false or real claims to being my Father; however, my Mother was in a relationship with him.

My Mom lived with my known Father off and on. Some might not call me a, "Bastard." There were blood tests and they were kind of married, or at least in love with each other upon conception. My Mother is half English and half Danish. My known biological Father is completely Basque, yet half Spanish and half French. This information has left me with the knowledge of the arbitrary nature of outlining of countries. With potential options for a Father, maybe I am part Asian. I find shows bringing attention to any race particularly racist.

Having a disconnection from his side of the family makes life difficult. There is a curiosity of how life might be different. Feeling a connection without being able to produce any results is something I have come to accept as being a part of who I am.

My Mother married another man and there were options to become a pariah. There are many who state only the biological parent is intended as a child's parents. God could have children born to specific parents; affect the parental heart to see the potential in a new spouse, or conveniently find suitable parents for a child just as easily. There are issues of a natural parent knowing more about genetic hurdles, yet God is capable of finding someone with a health plan or desire to help and understand.

My Stepfather is overly adequate to teach and protect me, though it was not until later in life I understood the relationship I have with my Stepfather is no better or worse than biological parent, child family units.

Barely skirting the line of disrespecting my parents, I remain true with the understanding respect is different from loving or liking someone. When needing shelter my parents and family are able to keep me in good company, and offer a safeguard from unseemly people who have another opinion on how to live life. In addition, I have learned how to respect people and not desire to be above or below anyone. By offering whatever I can to make sure everything is even or tolerable I live without giving too much of myself.

Someone stole from me as a youth. I had to learn some people might seem nice though only wanting access to stuff. I would think my friendship is valuable. It is disappointing to find out something different. During the intensity of wanting to react I found myself walking away. In the end, I found the depth of what theft really is and its uncomplimentary nature. Watching others who gave into temptation, they not only suffer in silence, they earn the reputation of being a thief or waste life by going to higher extremes in order to protect a reputation.

I can stand while others bow to an opponent. The need of wealth for a stronger legal defense is unnecessary in my life. I have all the legal protection I need because of showing I am a trustworthy person with good intentions and willingness to be considerate of people's feelings.

By the end of the day I am a cushy person in a warm house with plenty of food, nice clothing and realistic aspirations of a brighter future. I am kept well and feel the wealth of my life every time I take a few days off of work without repercussions. I can lounge and look at my nice things even when making less income in a year or suffering a financial setback. It makes me feel uncomfortable, yet it motivates me to continue to strive.

There is incentive to not give into temptation. Imagining the complications and hardships is outside my comfort zone. To lose favor through unsubstantiated gossip is a mere discomfort. Without fortitude of knowing that the gossip stems from jealousy or wanting to take down a competitive threat would cause an uncertain chaos tempting my resolve more thoroughly. With fortitude the threat of false testimony is a compliment. When they are found out I will be content for it was not a matter of effort to hide or redirect accusation; I remain rational during my regular days of work.

Since I did not cheat on tests in school or seek easier ways of passing tests, I have all of the knowledge and experience I have. I am not dependent on another person to write my articles or thoughts. A devious person might see my weakness and could simply not write or share their thoughts. Whenever needed, my pool of information is available for whatever next, new, boldest and controversial subject I wish to tackle. It is my own because it was learned through my effort.

Yes, I stand while others lie down to let calamity pass over them; fly into hiding, find friends with enemies who intend to feed on their life or harm them in unknowable ways. I am wealthy with all the promises money guarantees. I feel safe and happy every day. I sleep well and I fill my life with work that enriches my life. I can make choices and enjoy life. These are all of the incentives of being a good person, using knowledge as power, developing ethos and acknowledging the Ten Commandments.

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