All the Good Days in God: Biblical Idolatry

Friday, October 12, 2012

Biblical Idolatry

When Bible based religions are introduced to the Ten Commandments to converts they should understand a person worships only God. It is no longer permissible to worship anything below, on or above the Earth. In a desire to control the masses new methods to make this premise understandable involves portraying everything and everyone with an idiolect image as evil. When people believed these deities were evil they no longer worshiped them. Another method is to portray entities as employees of God. Subordinate entities are not entitled to worship; however, no one knows the true form of God. In hatred of idols there is a chance we have developed a hatred of God.

Science Fiction movies are wonderful. Frequently they use imaginary landscapes to make philosophical and spiritual commentary about the world and potential future. I have come to dislike movies wherein it is heroic to attack and kill Aliens. It is fine when Aliens want to destroy Earth, because we are defending ourselves. Killing all Aliens or Non-Humans makes me feel uneasy. Would we shoot God if he descended from the heavens?

In addition to a lack of knowledge of how Angels or Demons are impacting our life, since we do not know which one is God, we might think many bad things about God. While being free from worshiping idols I imagine God would be sad if we accused him of evil. Angels and Demons might harbor ill-will towards Human's slander. We should interact beyond the veil as we would act amongst our friends, families, co-workers and employers. We do not worship people we know, yet we show respect. The Ten Commandments should be practiced in multiple levels of existence, not just our neighborhood.

People look at images of Angels and might be inclined to buy a necklace. The necklace makes them think of how to become a better person. Most people know the images of Angels are based on brief descriptions of a handful of Angels, yet we do not know what they look like either. The image of strong bodies and dove wings is a representation. This representation is modified to reflect the dominate people group to encourage a ideal of becoming angelic.

Michael is portrayed as a man. Michael is the Angel who oversees mankind. He is a warrior and fierce in battle. Uriel is portrayed and a woman. Uriel is the Angel who oversees Earth. Countless religions express feminine characteristics in association to Earth. Some call Uriel, "Earth Mother." This consensus produces an ideal of womanhood though most statues of Angels portray men with feminine features and women with masculine features. This makes the image accessible to Men and Women.

The highest of all Angels, Seraphim, is noted as having four faces according to occult visions of Angels. One of these faces is of fire. Gabriel also has a red face of fire. This is not very different from Demons who also have multiple faces. Sometimes these faces are lions or goats. The idea a person could witness something like this and know with certainty it is an Angel or Demon is perplexing. I do not understand how anyone could have this gift.

I would be apprehensive if a red creature with hoofs, pointy tail, goat horns, yellow eyes and pitchfork approached me. Regardless of any thought this might be the true face of God this image is synonymous with a creature that teaches lessons of life through infliction of pain and suffering. Only faith in knowing God is all powerful interferes with retaliation. It is difficult to ignore self preservation.

There were times when it was important to deescalate fear with faith. Some of these thoughts are morose, "If I die tonight it is God's will." It is an unappealing thought, yet giving in to reacting without knowing answers is a determent. It makes people liars and thieves because they did not notice they misplaced their shirt. A friend did not steal from them, yet before the shirt is found they made several accusations. Later the shirt was found under newly folded clothes.

We are not God. We are not omnipotent. We are not omnipresent. We are unable to see around corners, look into people's minds and affect people's hearts. We are mortal. We try to be like God. We worship God, because God is a hero. We should be humble and admit to only knowing what we only know.

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