All the Good Days in God: To Our Father

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To Our Father

Making a video of ritual cleaning, frequently people dismiss anything in association to rituals. Many believe it is only Atheist who find any particular practice found in the Bible as being substandard, yet Christians and Jews also find any repetitive task "cultish."

I feel occasionally cleaning the entire home is beneficial. I do not clean every wall, ceiling and floor in my home daily or even weekly. Frequently when moving into a new home I want to bless my room. I might want to bless other rooms in the home. Though nearing obsessive cleaning, after asking for the Father's blessing and waiting for dusk I feel better. Perhaps it is psychological, yet I feel as though the home is receiving a blessing.

It would be odd to think we are all perfect, because we are not. We all make mistakes and want to learn from the experience. Any blessing from God could help in all of our ventures. This is why these practices are important even if finding we are cleaning our cave-like home from bacteria, molds and fungi that might be unfriendly. Ammonia might promote healthy molds and fungus to grow. In either case the blessing is a point of reference to explore.

In the Old Testament the activity is simply asking for God to bless the home. In the New Testament a person refers to Jesus' statement, "Ask for our Father's blessing and you shall receive." It is with an understanding that Jesus is God's Son, yet the blessing states, "our Father."

In both the Old and New Testament the activity is the same. A person engages in an activity that produces God's blessing and then asks for God's blessing. In the instance of the New Testament we our making three additional statements when asking for God's blessing. We acknowledge Jesus as God's Son. We acknowledge God as our Father and Creator thereby making us God's Children. We are also immortal, similar to God, because of the existence of an immortal soul. When thinking of these many concepts the experience of ritual activities to bless food, clothes, ceramics and homes creates a greater spiritual process connecting us to the world and universe.

I do not suggest Jewish people include the acceptance of Jesus as God's Son into their blessing, yet it might be nice to acknowledge God as more than a creator. God is a Father to mankind, not just Adam.

As long as these ideas are expressed occasionally and without any particular time table, I feel it is not "cultish." I clean my room when moving into a new home. It makes me feel better. Someone else cleans their room or entire home when they have "that feeling" or "spare-time." It does not matter. There is no rule-book or announcement of when to ask for God's blessing. It is not a practice in association to Sabbath. It is whenever that feeling happens.

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