All the Good Days in God: What is the Zeidgeist?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is the Zeidgeist?

There is confusion about believing in God or believing in science; however, a person can believe in both. There are a couple simple statements making this clear. God made the earth and mankind; ergo, science is attempting to understand God's creation. If God made the earth and mankind then science is the complex mathematical equation to better understand our surroundings to improve interaction with the earth in a sophisticated mannerism. Dismissal of one does not dismiss the other.

Sometimes there is an assumption math creates life because math counts life. This is erroneous. Life is here and then math quantifies it into formal terminology. Math is quick notations to clearly state something that already exists. This is the same for periodic tables.

Let's say someone wants to build a fence. Hiring someone to build it, the Contractor measures the perimeter. The Customers says, "I want a fence so the dogs can run around in the backyard."

The Contractor asks questions. The front yard and access to the garage should not be enclosed by the fence. Everything else is enclosed so the dogs have more room to play. They want the fence to include the house, so they can open the backdoor to let the dogs out. After measuring everything, the Contractor draws the information on a grid and asks if this is what the Customer wants and gives the Customer an estimate for supplies and labor. The Customer pays the Contractor an initial fee to begin building. After checking zoning laws and building the fence, the Contractor knows how much it costs and issues a final bill for payment.

The yard, home and dogs exist with or without a blueprint, grid and mathematical equation. Math creates a better fence and honest business contracts between two parties. Science is only a method for understanding the world better in an attempt to be honest.

Zeidgeist is a similar entity. Atheism had arisen and claimed the Zeidgeist would function because of how singular intelligent beings reacted to each other. It is possible the Zeidgeist is a product of not finding explanations for phenomenons. Though the Zeidgeist can be explained without that God does not mean that God is not real. In fact, the loose interpretation of Zeidgeist is Intelligent or Witty Spirit.

Explanations of this Spirit include an intelligent being creating natural order. Separate individuals interacting in a methodology that produces the same observable results. There is also the combination of a Witty Spirit creating the natural order several individuals interact upon that creates the same observable results. I am prone to believe in the last possibility. We are all made of clay from the earth. As an extension of the earth, would I ever know anything different?

There was a long time science and math were forbidden. Religions punished people who questioned God's will, even during attempts to serve God better. The Bible states people should not test God. How better than to avoid testing God by understanding the earth and natural order we live with everyday? Knowing ourselves and the world makes it easier to make and fulfill contracts. Declarations of oaths is also more accurate because we might actually be able to accomplish our promises.

People became weary of letting their life go to chance and placing their existence in knowing God would save them. Even simple methods of caring for themselves had restrictions, "We should all just live and die without answers even when it appears God makes answers obvious after repenting sins."

Eventually any signs, methods or religions explaining other possibilities about the character of God were welcome. People were not attempting to disprove God, simply a way to attempt to heal other people and find easier ways to work. The idea of the Zeidgeist was strong. Wanting to understand the multiple layers of interactions was popular, frequently proving itself virtuous.

With an unfair taming of people, there were many wars and people wanted to completely disassociate themselves from the idea of an omnipotent being. It became more important to become Atheist. With complete separation from the idea of God it became important to create respectable methods that could find answers to life. Since then Economics, Statistics and Chemistry became excellent methods to find results without as much reliance on God. Algebra already existed.

With better ability to understand what is going on a person could site events as the Will to Power. It could also be sited as unfair laws made it difficult for God to show mercy to those with sincere apologies. Disabling Gods method of blessing made science popular. Even without belief or worship, the intent was to become better people who treat each other fairly.

In either instance, it followed a path that is frequently without alteration. There are methods of explaining everything. Did a country neglect to pay workers and bring God's wrath upon themselves through failure of upholding their oaths to God through unfair contracts and a kind of slavery? Did a country neglect to pay workers making their Soldiers less resilient and intelligent so it was easier for a foreign nation to defeat them? An action produces a consequence.

There are many different occasions wherein the old knowledge assists in fine tuning the new knowledge. I enjoy reading about occult and historic activities of ancient people. Frequently they appear to say things we know now, yet in different terms. Everything was explained through God or Gods, yet when imagining circumstances it seams familiar.

One of these involve Gaelic Tribes testing men with girdles. Girdles were not used on women because a woman might be pregnant. Other tests were used for women. This is a ritual. In this ritual the Wise Townspeople use weight or bloating to test if someone is well. If they fail they are sent out into field where the wise, old spirits will help them and some come back. Several illnesses cause weight gain and bloating. Appendicitis causes bloating and the person becomes irrationally mean. Without any cure they might as well go die in a field. There was nothing anyone could do; except, distance themselves from someone who was hostile.

Eventually someone made it a career to study those who came back. Then someone wondered if their was something they could do to help those out the fields. They made concoctions. Now it is mysterious, because ingredients do not make sense. Some included pictures. It would take an Anthropologist, Historian and Linguistic to figure out the changes in language from the past to current times, yet I have a feeling it would be about the same since modern times are an extent of the past. It would be nice to have a chart. Maybe someone already solved the greatest questions. It wasn't a major concern so the information is lost.

When realizing everything is always the same, as far as anyone can tell, it becomes obvious God is probably real. The Zeidgeist includes God. I know electricity is fast, yet it sends a voice so fast it is like talking to someone in the same room?

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