All the Good Days in God: What is Worship?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What is Worship?

Worship is an awkward word in the Bible. To understand its meaning, a person must think about the beginnings of monotheism.

The English word "Worship" provokes thoughts of people adoring and bowing to a King. There are several implications. The King also makes laws to improve people's lives. When the King does well, everyone worships him.

Monotheism was not always a religion. The Ancient People of these times frequently chose a God. This God became the foundation of beliefs and laws. They also acknowledge other Gods, yet the important laws to follow were from the God they worship.

I believe this is what "worship" means. Worship means to follow the ideals of a God or Goddess; ergo, when a person worships the Lord (Jehovah or Yahweh); they follow the Ten Commandments. There might be other ideas or alternatives for living, yet it is modifiable or tentative because the Ten Commandments have highest priority. This is how everyone is able to not worship any God or Creature below, on or above earth. Only the Lord is worshiped.

There are odd religious agreements between nations that have great distances between them. Ancient Chinese believed the Creatures Spirit became tired of Human egotism. They became hidden to protect themselves and not have to defend themselves from Human's. When a Human is able to not be vain or conceited, they are able to see or hear Creature Spirits.

Druids believed other creatures, such as; Elves and Goblins also live in Middle Earth. Middle Earth is the surface of the Earth to the sky where Humans live. After several battles between Humans, even betraying Allies like Gargoyles, the other sentient life-forms created the invisible kingdom. One day when Humans learn how to live in harmony with everyone, the invisible kingdom will reappear.

It is interesting how two very similar stories exist in these nations. It would take years to travel between these nations. These similarities are almost like proof people are not alone on Earth. Are there other beings here? It is possible regular people moved across Asia and into Europe over several generations and shared the story. In fact, most Scientist and people would agree that is what happened, unless the Creature Spirits or Invisible Kingdom is revealed.

Since no one knows what God looks like, it is possible to believe all or none of the images of Deities are God. In following the Ten Commandments, there is an establishment of when a person becomes too aggressive in protecting themselves. The Ten Commandments should also be valid for Deities.

It is a theory God changes his shape or appears differently to people; ergo, it could be possible to talk to God without knowing it. This sounds like a method to test people's adherence to Ten Commandments. Worship, guile, deception or a bow would be witnessed by God.

Wondering why it is important to not worship anyone or anything beside God, there is an interesting affect on people who worship.

Objects are not magical. Images or symbols of people, animals or objects cannot move autonomously without robotics. Even with robotics, the image or symbol is only a reminder of beliefs, ethos or morals. Without a higher sense of trust in the beliefs, it is only a decoration.

Sometimes people attempt to make other people responsible for their actions. The majority of people support a Politician's cause and buy a button or lawn sign. A few people worship Politicians.

When people worship Politicians, they make decisions to ingratiate themselves to Politicians. They have faith the Politician will save them, even when the Politician says that they worship God.

This arrangement is at an elevation higher than wanting to be a part of a group to live well. There are many people who respect Successful People especial when sharing similarities. It is motivational because it empowers them to believe they will be successful.

A person appreciates their belongings and ease-of-living. They want advice to living well, earn personal belongings. Though having faith in Successful People, when they modify ideas to conform to the Ten Commandments, they worship God.

When we worship God correctly, we live well and without as much conflict. Conflicts are resolvable because we modify behavior to not exceed a dangerous activity with consequences.

When people worship a Deity or Politician, they have unrealistic expectations and might use expectations to defend themselves. When conflict is apparent, it becomes difficult to prove having a strong sense of ethics and responsibility to everyone.

It is not a grandiose promise, yet the promise for worshiping God and following his laws is to have what you need. This is not what you want. Sometimes what a person wants is a problem. Someone might want more attention or money, yet more attention equals a larger social life. They want a role in a movie. When they receive a role, they were unprepared and no one wants to hire them. They take a class, yet they do not appear trustworthy. They need to improve skills and earn the role honestly.

Balance is important. A person will pursue hopes and dreams. The Ten Commandments offer an evaluation of when desires outweigh a person's desire to strive to experience life and become a better person. It is important to learn and then make plans. It is important to experience life and make better plans. With guidance, there is less likelihood of harming self or another person.

I am strongly against worshiping anyone or anything besides God. There is time to acknowledge other Deities. These Deities are subordinate to God's Word. I believe stigmata is a punishment for worshiping images of Jesus. It proves God exists, yet they worship themselves when saying they are like Jesus.

Life is awkward. Everything goes well. There there is a realization of needing improvements. Guidance through religion and philosophy identifies when a problem will worsen. We do this by acknowledging sin. It is not always easy to resolve problems. It may take weeks or years. Sometimes it takes several modification in lifestyle until being free of past mistakes.

We should empathize mercy and attempt to remain free of judgment. A person might have many experiences before truly living well. When someone strives to be better, it is possible to have a peaceful life and live amongst people without as much potential for harm. Faith in an unknown, unidentifiable God, provides faith to remain calm in times of crisis.

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