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Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is Kosher?

Many people do not know what kosher. A definition of kosher is found in Leviticus. Near the laws for Civilians, there is a passage about what foods to eat and how to clean a house. If a person does this, they will live a long life.

Many people misread this text. In some bibles, it is strange. Information appears to be missing. It does not say eating food is a life sentence to damnation. It is a choice people make to live longer. The Congregation is able to host meetings to determine how, why and what foods to eat. Best methods for cleaning a home are debatable.

Knowing Congregations change diet, it is implied that a person is able to decide how long they want to live. Starvation will end life faster than eating pork. A person can eat snakes or pigs. Kosher is recommendations for better eating choices.

Kosher is a method of cleaning an Animal carcass for consumption. An alder branch or post holds the body for the first incision across the neck. The blood must drain onto the ground. It is wrong to eat blood. Blood is life-force. God gives life-force to everyone and everything. This includes animals. Since, it is given by God, it is God's concern. No Creature, including Human, should have concern.

Additional incisions are along the breast plate, and along the area between the torso and limbs. This makes it possible to remove the skin and fat. Do not eat the flesh. Do not eat the fat.

The meat or muscle is removable in long lengths to cook on the fire. There is not much difference between having a barbeque or baking a roast and performing the ritual sacrifice for Regular Civilians. The more taxing burnt offerings ended when Arron, Maker of the Gold Calf, died. It was definitely over when Joshua led the Tribes into the Holy Land.

Clean Animals are Fish that swim and have scales; Birds that fly and have feathers; Animals that eat plants and have a split hoof, and Insects with husky, long legs. All other Animals are unclean. A person should avoid touching the carcass of Unclean Animals and avoid any contact with Unclean Insects. Leather from cattle and chicken is fine. Fat from Clean Animals is in soap. It is the carcass of a Clean Animal and people do not eat soap.

In order to eat a kosher diet, a person is unable to live in current society. There is another statement about not eating the meat of the Parent and anything in relation to the Child of an Animal. This means to not eat egg pasta with chicken. Do not eat fried chicken that was basted in egg. No one should ever eat a beef burrito with cheese. Most cheeses are made with a guile that comes from the Mature Parent who was once the source of milk. Do not eat the Parent and their Offspring.

This includes Animals of the same species. Knowledge that is was probably not the same Parent and Child is not enough. A person can eat egg pasta with beef and marinara. There is nothing wrong with fried chicken that was basted in milk. A chicken burrito with cheese is tasty. Cheese made with goat guile and cow milk is fine.

These combinations rest in a stomach and intestines like concrete. It might be another reason. It is inhumane to kill the Parents and take from the Child. The philosophy is interesting. After an hour, a new meal begins. It is just wrong to do this during one meal.

Clean and Unclean Animals are a concern. It is important to keep a home free of mold. If seeing mold, a Rabbi must clean the home. It is possible to clean a home without assistance from a Rabbi.

There are several rules that seem odd in modern society. A person must bath after touching an Unclean Animal. It sounds ritualistic in the bible. It is a regular bath. They only need to bath before sunset. Several people bath every day or every week.

If Unclean Animals are in pots outside, the pots are broken. Unclean Animals on dishes, it is important to wash the dish. Wash bedding on occasion. It all seems natural.

Imagining living in the ancient deserts of Israel, there is purpose to these activities. It is also important to remember not to engage in cultism behavior.

Most things are delay-able. It is not saving up guilt. It is being realistic. Take time to review issues with a functional routine for personal and home maintenance. Being upset about every flaw is manic, it will only cause additional problems and similar to cultism. When arbitrarily responding, there is no time to think about making life easier or better.

Writing an article, "Home Ecosystems," the idea is to improve chances of not coming in contact with Unclean Animals. It seems contradictory to the bible. The overall premise is to live with nature in a method that nature will leave you alone.

A person is functionally clean with regular showers or baths (every other day), washing clothes (every few days), washing dishes (minimum of once a week) and washing bed sheets (every two weeks). Illness and disease are controllable. Animals scratch at the dirt so rain collects at the roots of plants. Plants provide food, oxygen and temperature regulation. Animals also protect homes from insects and spiders. Clean and Unclean Animals are important to a happy life.

There are many things in the world a Human cannot control. Do not seek control and judging others more than improving self. Attempts at excess control makes people go insane. Be happy with what you have and try to improve living conditions. Be gracious in acknowledging God's abundance.

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