All the Good Days in God: Debatable Leviticus Text

Monday, February 3, 2014

Debatable Leviticus Text

There is text in Leviticus that is debatable. There are vague ideas on remaining religiously clean. It uses phrases similar to diminutive or have phrasing that was once applicable to everyone. Today, there are political issues around personal rights that did not exist many years ago.

On the issue of washing dishes and breaking pots, a person must imagine what they meant. Diminutive Unclean Creatures promote this action. Aphids are obviously diminutive. A person could say the size of a coin or less than 5 inches in length is diminutive.

Scarabs and Scorpions are plentiful in the middle-east. Scarabs are Beatles. They eat Human flesh. Scorpions have a poisonous needles on their backs. Scarabs are definitely bad. They also burrow into dirt to lay eggs. The limited space of a jar might force them to the top and cause an infestation. The size of a Scarab is definitely bad.

Scorpions are deadly to Humans, yet might be a Protective Species that do more harm to other Creatures than Humans. Though deadly, they might offer a natural barrier against worse problems. Scorpions might be Diminutive Unclean Creatures.

People would have to research which one is better and if there is an advantage to sharing territory. Unclean Animals can crawl through a person's home. The Human is responsible for cleaning the home appropriately by lightly cleaning the floors, walls and ceiling.

An issue of concern is choosing the best cleanser. I have found Neutral to Ammonia cleansers are best. Acidity is a scale from negative 7 to positive 7 with 0 equaling Neutral Acidity or Water. This creates a scale of 1 through 14 with 7 as neutral on a pH scale.

Ammonia appears to cleanse the home of Black Mold. Black Mold infects Humans without them noticing. Baking Soda appears to attract Black Mold. However, this might be because people do not clean the refrigerator frequently.

When acid and alkaline combine, it destabilizes into water. The chemical reaction has a deteriorating affect that decomposes proximal chemicals. This also includes Human flesh. Baking Soda (alkaline) and Vinigar (acid) fizz. Bleach (alkaline) and Ammonia (Alkaline) create hydrochloric acid. It is deadly. The chemical reaction destroys the lungs.

A person must chose what kind of cleanser they utilize frequently. Alkaline combines with Human chemistry that is normally acidic to create water. Acid cleans a home, yet people notice an odd scent. It seems to contribute to an unpleasant smell. Alkaline appears to be the better cleanser; however, if it attracts Black Mold or other Molds, it is not a good cleanser.

The Acidity levels of several household cleansers are chlorine bleach pH 11-13 (alkaline), oven cleaner pH 11-13 (alkaline), bathing soap pH 9-10 (slightly alkaline), borax pH 9.2 (slightly alkaline), baking soda pH 8-9 (slightly alkaline), washing up liquid pH 7-8 (neutral), natural stone cleaner pH 7-10 (neutral), blood pH 7.4 (neutral), cold cream pH 7 (neutral), rainwater pH 6.5 (neutral), urine pH 6 (neutral), vinegar pH 3 (acidic), tomato juice pH 4 (slightly acidic), lemon pH 3 (acidic) and toilet bowl cleaner pH 1-3 (acidic). People have a preference for the more destructive cleansers. They are easily combined with water to neutralize pH levels.

We can survive higher alkaline levels. Considering what happens when combining Bleach and Ammonia, we might want to rethink how we clean homes. Black Mold seems to dislike more intense cleansers and only scores a slightly alkaline score.

Following a similar idea, acidic compounds do not kill Humans. Hydrochloric acid, made with two alkaline, kills anything organic and become the most acid compound. Hydrochloric acid is pH0 and highly acidic.

Cleansers were tested for human safety. Many people just put off cleaning the refrigerator, yet it is awkward cleaning counter-tops with bleach and floors with ammonia. There should be more consistency when picking a cleanser.

I had a problem with cleaning clothes with ammonia. Part of a semiannual cleaning involves mixing one tablespoon of ammonia into a full load of clothing and washing everything. I was sheets and clothes that are still in drawers and closets. It is not frequent. It might be every other year. It depends on how I feel about where I am living.

Someone was asking about getting white clothes whiter. They do not enjoy looking dingy. I had problems with clothes ripping on occasion, yet it was not that important. I like washing clothes with bleach. It is only a cap full. Nothing bad happened. The ammonia was much better for cleaning clothes. Everything was bright. They used more. Their clothes began to fall apart. That is what people are doing to themselves. I am not sure if borax and ammonia are a good combination. Laundry detergent is neutral enough to combine with other chemicals.

The other modern debate over Religious Cleanliness is Animal Sacrifice. When a person use a words like sacrifice everyone is upset. It is eating a meal. It could be baked in your kitchen oven. Vegetarians do not eat meat. There is a backup sacrifice of toasted gain or unleavened bread. There is only one or two sins that unleavened bread are effective. Most of the time, Poor People substitute the sacrifice with a bird (chicken) or a grain sacrifice. Unleavened bread is made with baking powder.

It is a moral belief to not eat meat. This is without regard of wealth. Should someone go against beliefs to follow to suggestions in Leviticus? The suggestion in Leviticus are to avoid breaking the Ten Commandments. Ergo, I believe an Individual can bake grain or unleavened bread while thinking over issues of sin or guilt. I bake food for regular meals. Sometimes, I have deeper thoughts about personal activities in relation to the world.

I have a recipe that qualifies and unleavened bread in an article "Vegan to Flexitarian."

Instead of thinking everything in the Bible is magical and you just do it, it is probably better to think about what is happening and make logical choices to correct behavior. Even in better translations of the Bible to English, it is not always clear. If the idea is to live a longer life, logical decisions are great for this process.

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