All the Good Days in God: Saint Valentine

Friday, February 14, 2014

Saint Valentine

Though there is debate about the identity of Saint Valentine there is a prominent story about one Saint Valentine. He was a Catholic Priest during the formation of Christianity in Rome. There is no catalog of his Sainthood. Establishment of the Catholic Religion was not until around 400 BC.

Saint Valentine was born in 200 BC and died around 270 AD on February 14. This was during the time of Claudius the Cruel. He was primarily influenced by the ideas of the Ancient Romans. He encouraged loyalty between Young Couples. He performed marriages of loyalty. These ceremonies are similar to giving someone a promise ring.

Claudius thought Valentine's actions were a bold statement against his ability to rule. Claudius ordered Saint Valentine to be beaten with clubs and beheaded. This action was unpopular and became a reason to oust Claudius from control. Pope Gelasius combined the Feast of Lupercalia with the date of Saint Valentine's death to begin a new movement of celebrating love.

This extremely political maneuver to verify the sanctity of Christianity has three Saints that contribute to the overall success of Christianity; however, Saint Valentine is the Priest who died on February 14.

In addition to the Priest, there are Missionaries who traveled to remote areas of the world. They were born on February 14. Going to place like Africa, appeals to marry for love and freedom for women was effective. Only one actually avoided death. This might be the real Saint Valentine.

The biblical religion of the Old Testament declares itself as a religion of wisdom. The wisdom of following the Ten Commandments is said to be able to make it possible to invade a country a develop friendship amongst the indigenous people. Even without invasion neighboring countries will understand this wisdom. Everyone will follow because the Ten Commandments and it is helpful to spread this wisdom through conversion. This makes the events of Valentine's Day prolific to everyone.

Several religions were awful. Many people talk about several ancient religions with disgust. Several people celebrate having better lives. The horrific images that people believe are purgatory are images of Roman execution fields. People who stole died amongst murders. Crucifixion was common. That is why Jesus and the Apostles lives are resented by the cross they died on. A few were beheaded.

In addition to this, a Roman King had a life-expectancy of two years after taking the throne. There were wars between east and west Rome. This area does not include all of modern Italy. Claudius had to uphold the law. The laws might be unfair. A few Kings lived longer. Alexander the Great only extended his short life. It became a personal interest of Kings to extend their lives by a few years until many disputes ended.

Greeks declare themselves as having more intelligence. They began to record events. This catalog became a historical reference for study. When reviewing history it was easier to determine cause and effect between actions. Cause and effect did not become a theory until much later. Even without this theory, they began a democracy. To stop a tradition of making the Ruler into a Human Sacrifice. There job is was to be the icon for grief and unfair laws.

Even with a greater level of making social progress, there are several odd rituals in practice today. One of these practices is to find someone to be the least likable person. It is called Utilitarianism or maintaining standards. In reality, it is the same kind of Human Sacrifice. People can be nominated to any form of this sacrifice for any reason. Christianity fights against this activity.

Every culture defends their previous beliefs by finding the acceptable parts of their ancient religion. Historic Israel is close to Greece and Rome. The Jewish People send a Goat into the desert. They do not kill the Goat. Everyone place their hand on it to move blame to the Goat and the Goat leaves or returns. No one really knows what happens to it. This appears to be a solution.

Why do this? It is an unknown problem, yet appears to keep most people alive. Several religions live well, have long lives and people reproduce. There is always a balance of good and evil. Even with Christianity, people live or die. There are explanations. There are no absolute solutions to everything. The only obvious difference is a better quality of life before death.

Grief is also awful. It makes people angry. We have a long progression of emotions and thoughts. Our life were threatened. There are many inquisitive activities around the activity. As a Teen, I did not know about living outside my neighborhood. Everyone already knew each other. We matured together. Everyone was on an equal level of thought.

I moved. Grief makes it difficult to meet New Friends. They might not be as awful as in my memories. They did not know me and I do not know them. It was stressful.

Sometimes, I hear gossip and odd tales. Some stories sound like farce. There are rumors of events involving me. The original story might be sarcasm. I am not sure want it going on. I am not going to find out. Now, they seem overly dangerous and suspicious. I do not really know why.

Theories include: they are societies scapegoats; people frequently come-and-go in their life. (That is similar to my own life.), and there is a significant amount of emotional damage. (People are justifying reasons to stalk, harass or steal from them.)

Another one is they feel I should be more responsible for their actions. That one does not make sense. If wanting to blame all problems everyone has onto someone else, they would have to drag me down somehow. That is not the Older Goths. It is people who feel as though they are better when saying rude things about other people.

They are not better people. Going to college is hard. I am not a High School Dropout. I am a Graduate with a Bachelor Degree. With growing levels of accomplishments, other people are not looking as good when comparing themselves to me. I did not have a heart-attack or gain a lot of weight. Someone in High School might want to demonstrate they are more attractive. People no longer want to make as many comparisons between us. Gossip is slowly disappearing.

Do people have to uphold unfair laws or contain rumors? They know what to do and compete fairly. There is no reason to kill someone for doing something different from another person's declarations without thought and reason. It is possible to live well and have a long life through a multitude of solutions to problems. It is nice having commitments to feel more secure in the world.

I still hear gossip on occasion. I live like a Hermit. My physical presence is not important while people try to find answers. I am also sure my death will not be a step to help anyone find answers to their problems. Valentine's Day is fun because of sending flowers, gifts and love letters. There is a greater chain-of-events that make this a noteworthy holiday.

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