All the Good Days in God: Appreciating Penance

Monday, June 8, 2015

Appreciating Penance

After thinking about debt, it is difficult comprehending paying it back. Currently, we live in a society of goodwill. It sounds nice, yet eventually a person becomes and adult. There is a need to survive and payback goodwill to the community. Otherwise, opportunities for the next generation cease to exist. After acknowledging sin and experiencing guilt we must atone.

Penance is wonderful. Pence is an offering of atonement. It is a percentage of the overall total debt. It can be paid with a few dollars or volunteer work. This atonement is appreciation and also recognition that we need to give back so others may also have second chances.

It is said that in modern times we do not need to sacrifice animals or gain. Instead, personal sacrifice accomplishes penance. In ancient times rabbis and community organizers took time out of their lives to help everyone. They needed livestock and grain to survive.

Now the community has gone past religion so everyone participate. There are charities to supplement educational expenses, research, medical treatments, libraries, police, firefighters and etcetera.

It has become a part of life without an agreement or contract. Even without a defined contract, we benefit from services. Legally, without a contract should we pay for it?

Thinking about sin and guilt, the issue of paying back money is larger than paying parents. Parents will refuse money from children. The parents receive the gifts of love, attention, chores and etcetera. Work should never be underestimated.

When thinking about welfare programs, such as: state health care, food stamps and public schooling the idea of paying for everything would be enormous. In addition, a percentage is taken out to pay for everything with every purchase at a regular store.

This makes it possible to pay off goodwill. It is begins as early as a person doing chores in exchange or money or holding a job. Every time a person buys something, they pay a tax. When a person lives anywhere, they contribute to the property tax paid to public schools. A person can live a good life without ever diverging from the regular life of community work and paying taxes.

Sometimes people discount their work. When discounting personal effort, it is possible to dismiss another person's effort. This is also a beginning towards the sin of wanting to control other people. It is wrong to try to enslave or create servitude.

I believe the United States of America are currently running a deficit because of liberal spending and lack of acknowledgment of welfare assisting people. Most people demand more money on a regular basis, instead of, avoiding taking social programs.

Paying back money, in the form of penance, would create the necessary acknowledgment that nothing is free. Think about how to pay loans. loans are less desirable.

When I was young, my Mom was forbidden to live at home. Her Mom helped her transition to working and surviving on her own. She held a job. Later, she was able to get a union job and make enough money to support us. She got married. We no longer had real financial problems. It bothers me when she complains about being to wealthy for more government handouts.

As time reveals itself, many believe the Government is stable, wise and better than family, neighbors and companies. No one believes government is God nor worships Government. Faith is placed in the Government and people pursued Government jobs. Now, there is a loss of faith in Government. There are cutbacks and layoffs. People have to get other jobs. People are in disbelief.

I went to the internet the other day to figure out how begin paying a small penance to public education. It was stressful. A wave of guilt washed over me when finding out the elementary, I attended as a youth, closed. If more people donated money to schools, it might be open. Luckily, the district is still here. It is possible to make donations to the school district.

That is another problem with taking on not paying back. The offices and organizations are not able to stay open. They lose an ability to provide services that help everyone.

Food stamps and other services are downsized. There is a real consequence to thinking money is free. This is not a religious edict. Contracts define exchanges and trade. It is a real consequence.

As a child helps parents clean the house and make it possible to afford property tax, our efforts have merit. When we seek humility, there is hope shadows of our lives will not unfold tragically or cage us. Acknowledgment of the realities of the world are important. Penance makes it realistic to atone and find fellowship with God. God is fair and merciful.

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