All the Good Days in God: Prayers for Freedom

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prayers for Freedom

Similar to owing our parents, there is an eternal life. We all have an immortal soul. God is an infinite source of life, wisdom and second chances. Our good deeds help God. Through activities for blessing, we actively create spirituality.

Through everyone's life, there is an ongoing battle. Through our subconscious or interplay with deities, we improve and create advancements in life.

God created the earth, seas, plants and animals. We would have nothing except an endless void without works of goodness and kindness. This is assuming sentient reality is life.

With our good deeds, we should pray. This tracks progress and assists in the pursuit of greatness in this life. We also need to reconcile past lives by surrendering the spiritual manifestation of our good deeds to God. God transcends time, space and mortality.

The bible states God will provide us with what we need. The condition for providing what we need is to follow the ten commandments and avoid living a hellish life. With God's blessing, we are able to achieve everything.

Some would say God has everything. He created everything. I have nothing. What could God need from me?

By following the ten commandments, we should not steal. Open-ended debts could be seen as theft.

After seven years, we should no longer gain from things we gain dishonestly. Through the passage of time, there is no longer a greater gain when making up for past debt.

Frequently, people want future gains. They only want more things. This is obvious in governments. There is a drive to gain technology from the new achievements of man. We need the latest technologies and desire friendship with countries hosting the largest cities.

If they are frail or over-populated, we do not see the advantage in investing. Perhaps, we have invested in the past. Now, it is a disdainful relationship.

God being benevolent and our father in heaven, we contradict ourselves. We rely on God's grace, mercy and benevolence to continue helping us. We should also want to reconcile with God.

It might be a greater passage of time. The rewards have diminished and God's made vows. Should we test God?

The bible states we should not test God. We should attempt to be devote. We should pray our greater deeds are counted. That our lives work and blessings create payment for what we needed in the past. It might not create more, yet it removes an anchor from us.

It might take time for wounds to heal and begin new. Similar to swimming with weights, those weights need to be removed. Then, it is easier to swim to shore. Pray to have the weights lifted to find a greater path. The current good deeds have more impact. Though the grapes rot off the vines, turning to dust, there is a freeing of our souls when realizing the right things to do are always the right things to do.

We find ourselves looking to others to find a fountain of wealth. We could say a contract is a contract. A contract can be abridged by both parties if the contract is unfair or contracts are unfulfillable.

We are human and find ourselves in situations of varying types. We might have already paid too much. Whatever is given will be given back.

Perhaps, we have not given enough. We will receive solace in knowing another debt is paid.

We question God and our lives. We want to give to enterprises that pay us back. Recognizing the flaw in our ideals, we are not the same. It is as prosperous to pay off old debts. Recognize the slight improvements in life. Anchors fall in the ocean when deciding to live a virtuous life.

In the same mannerism we agree to God's blessing. We also agree to do God's work. To do God's work is to have spiritual currency. To have spiritual currency is to have a method to pay God for all of his graces. God supplies us with what we need. To have what we truly need is to have freedom to think on our own about our lives and our destinies.

God is an infinite source of goodness. I am grateful. Sometimes, I might have to admit folly and continue to work on ethos to become a better person. It is important to recognize debts to God and through prayer surrender spiritual currency to God. We will bless God to continue works of greatness.

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