All the Good Days in God: Thy Neighbor

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thy Neighbor

There is an important precedent in the bible. It is written about by all four apostles. It is also found in Leviticus, Romans, Galatians and Hebrews.

Lev19:18 "You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the lord."

It is restated, "Love your neighbor as you love thy lord," and ""Vengeance is mine. I shall repay," says the lord." What does this mean in regular life?

There are sins that a person may seek advice from a counsel of the wisest people of the village. Murder is executable if the murderer is caught. There are several parameters around murder. It is not the same as self-dense, accidental death and war.

Determining if murder is murder, wise people should intervene. In modern times, protecting your money is similar to self-dense, it is not the same if resolvable through conversation. Sometimes, it becomes aggressive enough that defense is necessary. They are protecting themselves from someone trying to kill them.

Theft is brought to a counsel of the wisest people. Determining theft is also difficult. Issues of commerce and material exchange are vague. I stole someone's goat, yet they always come to my house to eat dinner. I made this sacrifice so they can have a goat ranch. After eating my food for three years, they have several goats. I am angry they do not reimburse me. Is it theft to take back something that is taken from me?

Loving neighbors is not a thoughtless activity. There are many thoughts of right, wrong, fairness and justice. There are actions a thoughtful person can take when evaluating themselves, their neighbor and community to identify the source of conflict.

Lately, it seems like most people evaluate their neighbor and community more than seeing themselves as being a cause behind the effect they experience in life. It is important to include yourself when evaluating recurring problems. I am not as holy or perfect as god nor is any human.

Controversially, we are at war with ourselves. It is fun watching shows about an exorcist and demon hunter. In real life, whether subconscious manifestations or actual demons, it is erroneous to immediately pick up an ax.

Running away the demons and not thinking about it, people are as likely to have to deal with life. With a feeling of peace and love for thy neighbor, people are likely to see the issue, calm themselves and identify the reason they are upset. When identifying the reason they are upset, it is easy to make an effort to change that aspect. This leads to a series of tiny changes that directly deal with problems.

I am not angry at the world. I am angry at paying my bills. I could be angry and hurt someone. It make sense to not hurt anyone and go to work. There is a chance someone will interfere with my ability to work. I will tell them that is not alright with me.

We are all responsible to save the damned. Some say, it is not doable. Would a merciful god allow anyone to remain damned without eventual salvation? That solution lacks mercy and forgiveness.

They want to allow god to take his vengeance. We do not test god. Isn't allowing god to do all the work and never gaining wisdom testing god?

There are thoughts and actions a person should take in life. Ridding your home of demons, while continuing to be a demon, it does not save anyone. God will take vengeance. I still own an ax.

There are many forms of defense: taking pictures and creating a paper trial. There are legal means and sources to change the world. The United States implements laws to assist in the process of change.

There was a time refining oil became a priority to the United States. It was so important oil barons had ultimate freedom. There was less population and an endless amount of land. Oil barons built refineries, knowing they were toxic, on top of existing neighborhoods.

This lead to a lot of unhappy people. There were protests and lawsuits. People became ill. Companies were sued for medical fees. It was awful. There was no reason to do this.

They do not have to build it next to water because a study states water runs downhill. They should build it away from water. There is a firm lack of respect for life. There are several miles around a lake that are just dirt and bushes. This affects wildlife. They still have to keep it clean.

It angers us. We need to protect ourselves. Filled with madness. There is a real threat to personal safety.

It will not go away by beating up someone at school. We can scream obscenities until passing out. There is still a new threat without a solution or steps to a solution.

Accept god's will, love thy neighbor, save thy demons, have faith, god will take vengeance and be calm. Be calm while the fires of anger decay the soul. Find solutions to problems. When the decay of anger reaches the highest point of consuming the soul pay for your sins and pay for your neighbor's sins. Be responsible to resolve conflict and become wise.

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