All the Good Days in God: Possessed with the Grace of God

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Possessed with the Grace of God

Life is peculiar. We do not know our future. No one really knows future, except, true prophets.

Humanity embraces the idea of punishing the wicked. However, these punishments are a cloak of salvation sent by God's grace. God is merciful.

It bothers me when people say people are damned forever. Saying, "forever," God would be without mercy. The bible states God is merciful and forgiving. God forgives all of his children.

There are questionable values and options in the world. A controversial topic is reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive surgery for soldiers, accident victims, abuse and born illnesses is good. It supports second chances. The soldier enlists in the military. Their avarice and anxiety cause a situation wherein they are injured. Reconstructive surgery gives them a second chance.

Children who need reconstructive or constructive surgery are born with a malfunction. It might be the later part of a punishment. What if the punishment is not paying for hospital bills?

With the understanding of debt and forgiveness, after seven years, there are many reasons for not paying debt. The person might have already paid too much before or in by other methods.

Not remembering past lives or being able to recognize people from a past life, they may have already paid. Not knowing the value of advice or activities to assist another person in this life, they may have already paid.

The surgery is a method of balancing their life so they will have better lives. They might have been slightly behind in the past. They repay the balance when paying the hospital.

Surgery and medicine are becoming part of daily life. It is part of current society.

Instead of viewing it as a punishment, it is a casual method of allowing people to correct the past without memory of transgressions.

Elective surgery is, in my opinion, wrong. The bible states the body shall be free from alterations: no tattoos and piercings. Elective surgery is an alteration not a reconstruction.

Currently, plastic surgery is a big issue. Everyone sees the commercials and wonders if it is appropriate.

I have thought about surgery. I could tweak my nose or get a lift. It is our burden to deal with whatever happens to us in life. It is important to not be vain. After awhile, I decided to be happy with myself and not give into temptation.

Then, I think about childhood. Knowing people who had elective surgery, they want to make their already small nose smaller. It seems obsessive and strange.

What if they had minuscule errors in tracking debts? They did not paying for health insurance. They were always healthy. They pay for over-the-counter-drugs. They paid the insurance and used medical benefits excessively.

Without knowing or even having a sense of doing wrong, they will need more and are not prepared for the future. Now, they obsess over a surgery that is not covered by most insurance companies.

After paying the high amount for healthcare, future lives will be blessed with access to many medications. They will pay into the technology of reconstructive surgery. They will be a healthier, happier person. The debts are settled and obsession leaves them.

I cannot test this theory. It would difficult asking someone to donate to a hospital or get health insurance and not use it. How would I prove this theory? Are they still obsessed?

Once again, it is not humanities position to judge. We as humans are limited in perception. I cannot see around corners or know what people think. I cannot know the overall health of a society or into someone's past-life. It is not our place to judge God. It is not our place to judge humans. It is not our place to attempt to block anyone from salvation.

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